How To Protect Bunny Nest From Rain (And What To Use!)

Let’s assume a bunny nest is nearby and you want to keep it safe. This can become a real issue when mother rabbits dig a small nest that is exposed to the elements. A lot of bunnies die due to this and it is an unfortunate situation for all involved. It is best to learn how to protect bunny nest from rain the right way.

When you want to protect a bunny nest from rain, it’s recommended to use any type of cover such as an umbrella or a small hut that can be set up around the nest. This will ensure rain doesn’t pour into the nest making the dirt heavier and difficult for the bunnies to survive.

Rain is something rabbits are used to, but it is always possible a harsher rain storm wipes them away.

Remember, the average bunny is not going to be equipped to handle such storms. As a result, they are likely going to get hurt and/or die due to the rain.

Key factors include:

  • Type of Rain Storm
  • Surrounding Elements
  • Potential Cover Options

It’s important to know what options are available nearby when it is time to learn how to protect bunny nest from rain. You always want to use a solution that is straightforward and is not going to make it difficult for the mother rabbit to get to her babies.

This is key information that will make all the difference when it comes to seeing results.

Here is a look at how to protect bunny nest from rain, what to use, and what not to do when it is time to keep baby rabbits safe from the rain.

Best Umbrella for Rabbit’s Nest (EDITOR’S CHOICE)

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Tips On How to Protect Bunny Nest From Rain

1. Use an Umbrella

The most obvious solution is going to be a standing cover that can be placed right above the bunny nest.

You will want to set it up in a way where the rain doesn’t directly hit the nest. This can take a bit of angling, but when done the right way, the nest is going to stay relatively dry.

This can be more than enough to keep the bunnies safe in the rain.

Experts Say...
Any type of cover such as an umbrella can be used to ward off rain that drips onto the bunny nest.

You don’t have to use an umbrella, but it tends to be easier to set into place.

You can also look at creating a small hut if that is possible with the materials available to you. Just set it up in a way where it is angled to protect the nest.

This will lead to good results as you learn how to protect bunny nest from rain.

how to protect bunny nest from rain

2. Create a Small Pile of Leaves Around the Nest

What if you don’t want to go out and buy something to protect a bunny nest from rain?

This is okay and it tends to become a problem when you are outdoors and want an immediate solution. In a situation such as this, you are highly recommended to find a small pile of leaves.

You will take the leaves and start pushing them beside the nest.

Experts Say...
Leaves can do a good job of protecting the bunny nest from dripping water that leaks through the sides during a rainstorm.

The goal is to make sure rainwater doesn’t trickle in from the side. This is how small puddles are created that can do quite a bit of damage to a rabbit’s nest.

how to protect bunny nest from rain

3. Don’t Pack on More Dirt

You should never take the time to pack on more dirt.

The wet dirt is going to become a problem for the bunnies. Remember, they use the air pockets in the nest as a way to breathe and adding more dirt could do a lot of damage.

They may not be able to breathe underground and that is when major issues pop up including loss of life. If you are trying to help, you don’t want to pack on more dirt!

Final Thoughts

These are the main steps on how to protect bunny nest from rain.

There is nothing worse than choosing a solution that is dangerous for the rabbit. This is why the idea of using dirt is not a good one and can lead to loss of life.

Instead, you want to keep things simple and just set up a small hut or umbrella on top of the bunny nest. This will do more than enough to keep the rabbits safe. If you look for additional solutions in the environment around the bunny nest, it is okay to use leaves.

Just pile the leaves around and you will be good to go. This will offer some sort of protection to the bunnies.

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