Do Rabbits Make Noise When Giving Birth? (And Which One!)

It can be a unique time to have a pregnant rabbit that is about to give birth. You may not know what to look for and this can lead to confusing time for rabbit owners. If you are new to this, you are going to want to know signs of what to look for before a rabbit gives birth. One of those questions may include, do rabbits make noise when giving birth?

Rabbits can make noises when giving birth, which can include a gentle oinking or honking sound. It is a way to soothe themselves and should not alarm you. It isn’t always going to happen, but some rabbits will continue to make this noise until the full litter is born.

It is always smart to keep an ear out for these types of sounds from your rabbit. You can better prepare for the moment.

Key elements to focus on include:

  • The Rabbit’s Movements
  • Use of Fur for the Nest
  • Honking/Oinking

The unique noise a female rabbit makes before birth is something to look at in great detail. It is the only way to make sure the rabbit is safe.

If not, you are going to have a situation where the rabbit may have underlying issues including weakness.

Please note, the honking/oinking noise isn’t going to be noticeable at first. Some female rabbits will be quiet about it, while others are going to have a more pronounced sound. Both are normal.

This guide will go further into answering the question, “Do rabbits make noise when giving birth?” with a focus on other signs a rabbit is going to give birth soon.

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Signs a Rabbit is Going to Give Birth

1. Gentle Oinking or Honking

Before looking at other potential signs a female rabbit is about to give birth, you should start with something that is the crux of this article.

The sound is going to be the main focus and it is the first thing you are going to notice.

The sound is often listed as a gentle honking/oinking coming from the rabbit as it rests.

Experts Say...
It’s common to start hearing soft honking noises as pregnant rabbits start preparing for birth and this may continue throughout the birthing process.

When you start hearing this noise, you are likely going to have the rabbit give birth soon.

A lot of female rabbits will not make this noise until right before giving birth and then will continue to make this noise as the birthing process completes.

This is key when asking “Do rabbits make noise when giving birth?” as the noise will be distinctive.

Do rabbits make noise when giving birth

2. Using Fur to Line the Nesting Area

What about visible signs that a rabbit is about to give birth?

In a lot of cases, you are going to see the rabbit pop up and start quickly ripping fur off of its back. This is fur that is fully accessible to the rabbit and its goal is going to be to line the nesting area.

If you have a nesting box then that is where the fur is going to be placed.

Experts Say...
It is common for some female rabbits to start ripping fur off of their backs as a way to protect the nesting area for their baby rabbits before they are born. This is normal behavior.

If you want to prepare the nesting box then make sure to place soft material nearby.

This will ensure the rabbit feels comfortable with the spot and knows it is going to be adequate for the baby rabbits.

Do rabbits make noise when giving birth

3. Redness

There are other physical signs that you can look for with a birthing rabbit.

You are going to notice there is redness near the genitals and that may be a sign that the rabbit is about to give birth. Please note, this is not a guaranteed sign but it is one you can look out for in combination with the honking/oinking or fur pulling.

Just focus on these signs when you are asking “Do rabbits make noise when giving birth?” and it will become a lot easier to pinpoint what is happening.

Final Thoughts

“Do rabbits make noise when giving birth?”

Yes, some rabbits will make a gentle honking/oinking noise before and during the birthing process. This is a natural part of their process and it can also include resting flat as a way to help the baby rabbits come out.

It’s essential to keep the female rabbit as safe as possible during this process. You should also set up a nesting box for the rabbit.

This will go a long way in making sure the rabbit is safe and does make the noises that are expected of it.

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