Can Rabbits Drink Alcohol? (And Why Not!)

Most rabbits are going to live their entire lives drinking water. This is all they are going to get the opportunity to drink, but that doesn’t always apply to pet rabbits. They are going to gain exposure to all sorts of drinks including fresh fruit juices. However, can rabbits drink alcohol?

Rabbits cannot and should not drink alcohol whether it’s in moderation or excessive amounts. Alcohol is poisonous for rabbits and is never a reasonable option.

It’s best to avoid alcohol in any form when it comes to giving rabbits a drink. It’s best to stick to water and/or certain fruit juices that do not include preservatives.

The main reasons include:

  • Poisonous Elements for Rabbits
  • Intoxicating
  • Harsh on the Digestive System

Even in a best case scenario when it comes to alcohol, it is still not a viable option for rabbits. There are several dangers that come along with giving alcohol to a pet rabbit. This is why it is best to steer clear of this particular decision!

If you are asking, “Can rabbits drink alcohol?” then it is essential to learn more about why alcohol is bad for rabbits.

This guide is going to take a look at the question, “Can rabbits drink alcohol?” while also digging into the main disadvantages of giving alcohol to a rabbit.

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Reasons to Not Give Alcohol to a Rabbit

1. Poisonous

This is the most obvious reason and it should be more than enough to dissuade you.

Giving alcohol to a rabbit means you are trying to poison it. This is the simplest way to put it and that is why the idea of a rabbit drinking alcohol should not be taken lightly.

A rabbit’s body cannot handle alcohol especially in large amounts.

This is dangerous for the rabbit and can become a life-threatening issue depending on the type of alcohol being given to the rabbit. In a lot of cases, rabbits may become inquisitive and take a sip, but that can lead to death.

Experts Say...
Even a moderate amount of alcohol has the potential of not only poisoning a rabbit but also leading to its death.

When asking “Can rabbits drink alcohol?” it’s important to look into these details. In fact, this applies to any type of drink that is given to a rabbit at home.

You should always make sure it is water and/or fresh juice. These are the only drinks that are generally viable as healthy options for a rabbit.

Otherwise, the idea of giving alcohol is a horrible one and could lead to serious consequences. Be smart and alert when it comes to something like this.

Can rabbits drink alcohol

2. Difficult to Digest

Let’s assume you have given a sip to your rabbit.

The rabbit may not die, but it is not going to have a good time with the alcohol entering its body. This is simply the same as taking a swig of poison as a human.

You are not going to see good results and you will be very lucky to get away with short-term or long-term health issues!

The same applies to rabbits that consume alcohol.

Experts Say...
A rabbit’s digestive system is not designed to handle alcohol and will often lead to major digestive issues that have severe consequences.

If you are asking “Can rabbits drink alcohol?”, you should have one eye on the digestive issues that are going to creep up even with a little bit of alcohol.

It is best to avoid giving alcohol to a rabbit and look for other alternatives.

This is not a reasonable option and will have dire consequences.

Can rabbits drink alcohol

3. Intoxicating

In some cases, your rabbit isn’t going to fall ill and that is out of sheer luck.

However, what is going to happen will be a high level of disorientation and intoxication in the rabbit. They have small bodies and cannot take a lot of alcohol even if it goes through the digestive system.

This means the body is going to take a beating physically.

This can include not being able to stand still, flopping around, and making odd noises. It is best to visit a vet when this happens.

Final Thoughts

“Can rabbits drink alcohol?”

Rabbits should never be given alcohol and if they take a sip on their own, it is best to rush to the vet as soon as possible.

The vet will have to take a look at the rabbit’s health to make sure it hasn’t been fatally poisoned. This can happen in some cases where multiple sips are taken and the rabbit’s body can’t handle it.

The goal should always be to keep alcohol away from rabbits and make sure it is locked up at home. You don’t want the rabbit going into the cupboard and taking a sip after it falls on the ground!

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