Do Rabbits Die Easily? (And How!)

It’s often assumed a rabbit will die easily, but there are reasons for this. It’s not always associated with the rabbit’s health but more about their circumstances. This is why it becomes essential to ask “Do rabbits die easily?” when assessing what the truth is.

Rabbits in the wild can die easily due to fear, anxiety, and/or being low in the food chain. There are several predators that hunt rabbits making them prone to dying easily. However, rabbits are healthy animals when kept in good shape and have a lifespan of 8-12 years.

In comparison, a rabbit will only leave 2-3 years in the wild. This is simply due to the conditions they are living in outdoors.

Key elements include:

  • Predators
  • General Health Issues
  • Health-Related Maintenance

When asking, “Do rabbits die easily?” it’s essential to think about what is causing the rabbits to pass away. A lot of animals do worse in the wild because of their place in the food chain and the same applies here. A wild rabbit is not going to live as long as a pet rabbit.

Keep this in mind, when it is time to take care of a rabbit and ensure they don’t pass away easily.

If you take the opportunity to make sure the rabbit is well taken care of, the rabbit isn’t going to pass away. It is going to lead a healthy life and it is going to have a great time too!

Here is a look at the question “Do rabbits die easily?” in detail while also focusing on what the reasons are for a rabbit dying quickly.

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Reasons for Rabbits Dying Quickly

1. Long List of Predators

It all starts with predators in the wild.

Yes, rabbits will die easily to these animals because they don’t have a strong defensive mechanism. Most rabbits focus on preventative planning whether this includes digging tunnels and/or finding safe spots to locate food. Otherwise, they do become prone to getting hunted.

This is a common issue for rabbits, which is why they are anxious as soon as they are spending time outdoors and will flinch at sudden movement.

Experts Say...
Some of the more common predators for rabbits include foxes, cats, dogs, ferrets, owls, falcons, hawks, and more. The list is extensive, which is why rabbits are known for being anxious animals in the wild.

A lot of rabbit owners also notice this type of behavior with their pet rabbits.

It is just something that is a part of their genetic makeup. They will try to fight with their strong legs, but it doesn’t usually work because of the size of their predators.

The predators have extensive advantages that add up leading to a shorter lifespan for the average rabbit.

Do rabbits die easily

2. General and/or Sudden Fear

Fear is one of the more understated ways of a rabbit passing away.

Even a pet rabbit can pass away in this manner for those asking “Do rabbits die easily?” The reason has to do with a rabbit going through a sudden burst of shock.

This can stop their heart and it is something that is seen in the wild too.

Experts Say...
There are several examples of rabbits dying out of shock and this can happen as a reaction to being attacked.

Rabbits can be scared and that is something to account for with a rabbit.

You have to make sure they are as healthy as possible and kept in good shape. Otherwise, the rabbit isn’t going to feel comfortable and will start behaving oddly from time to time.

These are key details to think about when it comes to a rabbit’s overall health too. It’s not just about what they are eating throughout the day, but also their psychological state.

Do rabbits die easily

3. Digestive Issues

This is an issue that does crop up when it comes to the question “Do rabbits die easily?”

The idea has a lot to do with the rabbit’s not having good digestive systems. This means it takes them a bit of time to digest food and this can lead to serious issues in the wild.

They can’t vomit and gas tends to give them issue.

This is why you have to be careful with the rabbit and make sure they are eating the right type of food whether it’s at home or outdoors.

Final Thoughts

Do rabbits die easily?

Rabbits do die easily and that has more to do with their spot in the food chain. They are lower down the food chain, which means there are more animals that are ready to kill them for food.

This is why the average wild rabbit doesn’t live long in the wild even if they are eating well.

However, pet rabbits do age gracefully and will do well as long as you are feeding them enough food.

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