How To Get Rid of Bunny Odor (And What To Use!)

Learning how to get rid of bunny odor is easier said than done.

You are going to have multiple things to focus on including the root cause of that odor. It’s difficult to pinpoint where the smell is coming from and that is how it starts to spread throughout the living space. This is why it’s important to plan ahead and think about controlling rabbit odors around the house.

If you do this properly, the house is going to smell good because rabbits are clean animals. It is more about the processes you have set up around them including potential air purification solutions.

The key elements to focus on include:

  • Air Quality
  • Urine/Poop Stains
  • Rabbit Bedding

Looking into these elements will go a long way when it is time to learn how to get rid of bunny odor.

You want to pinpoint where the problem areas are, what may have been causing the stench, and what needs to be done to remove rabbit odors from around the house.

As long as you implement a strategy, you are going to see impressive results.

Here is a look at how to get rid of bunny odor, what to think about, and why it’s important to do things the right way when it comes to eliminating bad odors in the house.

Best Air Purifier for Removing Rabbit Odor (EDITOR’S CHOICE)

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Tips On How To Get Rid of Bunny Odor

1. Install an Air Purifier

The first thing to look at would be to install a new air purifier.

The air purifier is going to help eliminate contaminants in the air and that alone is half the battle. When the contaminants are allowed to spread throughout the air, this is going to impact the air you are breathing and how much it smells indoors.

A lot of the times, the air tends to become musty and that is why you find it to be unbearable.

Experts Say...
Air purifiers do an excellent job of removing 99.99% of all contaminants in the air leading to a healthier, safer environment that is easier on the nose too.

It is in your best interest to find a high-powered air purifier for rabbit odor to make sure it doesn’t become a long-term issue.

This is an easy-going solution that you can rely on and it is going to yield great results. This is the real value of choosing the right solution as you learn how to get rid of bunny odor.

Look into these details, so you are trending in the right direction and it all comes together the way you want it to.

how to get rid of bunny odor

2. Change the Bedding Often

Changing the bedding is a good step because you will want to make sure to keep that part of the rabbit’s environment as fresh as possible.

Why is this important?

The odor that starts to linger in the bedding is going to be off-putting. It is something you are not going to enjoy and the rabbit is going to be spending a lot of time on the bedding during the night.

Experts Say...
Changing the bedding tends to help remove a significant amount of smell when it comes to rabbit odor in the house and should be a top priority.

By changing the rabbit’s bedding as often as possible, you are going to see better results and most of the odor-related issues are going to go away.

Will it be a complete fix? No.

However, as you learn how to get rid of bunny odor this is going to be a step in the right direction and that is great.

how to get rid of bunny odor

3. Set Up Multiple Litter Boxes

It is common for rabbit owners to only set up one litter box in the house.

This is tough for any rabbit because they may not be close to the litter box when it is time to go. This can lead to frustration and it is a situation you don’t want to put them in at all!

By setting up multiple litter boxes for rabbits, you are going to see better results over the long-term. You will notice they aren’t going to be marking the territory with urine/poop all the time and that alone is going to cut the odor significantly.

Final Thoughts

This is how to get rid of bunny odor.

Bunny odor is not pleasant and it is something you are going to want to eliminate as soon as possible.

Whether it is a quality air purifier for rabbits or just new rabbit bedding to stop bunny odors, you want to make sure things are done right away.

This is how you are going to stay on top of things and the odor won’t become unbearable.

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