How To Tell If Baby Rabbits Are Dead (And What To Do!)

It can be sad to see baby rabbits that are on the verge of passing away and it is a common reality in the wild. However, when it happens indoors with a litter, you will want to know how to tell if baby rabbits are dead. This is key information that can shed light on whether or not the issue is specific to one baby rabbit or multiple.

There are several signs that are going to become apparent before a baby rabbit passes away. It is rare for them to die suddenly.

The key signs to look for include:

  • Lack of Movement
  • Lack of Drinking or Eating
  • Squeaking/Groaning

If you start to notice these signs, it might be best to have the baby rabbit assessed by a vet. If the rabbit has stopped moving entirely and isn’t breathing then you will know the baby rabbit has already died.

In this case, you will want to separate the baby rabbit from everyone else and begin moving forward with disposing of them as you deem fit.

It’s recommended to keep your eye on a dying baby rabbit as it is possible they can survive as long as you speak to a medical professional beforehand.

Here is a look at how to tell if baby rabbits are dead, what signs stand out, and what you can invest in as a rabbit owner with a litter at home.

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Signs of a Dying Baby Rabbit

1. No Movement

When learning how to tell if baby rabbits are dead, you are going to realize this is the most common sign that is mentioned by experts.

The lack of movement is a no-brainer that something is off.

Baby rabbits will often stir and move, which is common for them at that age. However, if the baby rabbit appears to be limp and lying down, this could be a clear-cut sign something is wrong.

Experts Say...
A limp body is a sign that things are wrong and the baby rabbit is going to pass away soon and is on its last legs.

In this case, your best bet is going to be to have a medical professional look at the baby rabbit to see what is going on and what can be done.

In some situations, when it gets to this stage, the rabbit is going to be on its last legs. This means they are going to pass away in moments.

This is often going to be accompanied by groaning that can be heard coming from the baby rabbit. It might be constant if the baby rabbit is in serious discomfort.

how to tell if baby rabbits are dead

2. Lack of Eating/Drinking

When learning how to tell if baby rabbits are dead, you are going to realize the baby rabbit won’t be eating or drinking like the others.

This means it might not be latching onto the mother rabbit for milk.

If this happens, you will know the baby rabbit is not getting anything to eat and is eventually going to pass away. Baby rabbits crave milk, so if they are not venturing in that direction, they must be dealing with a medical issue.

Experts Say...
Baby rabbits constantly seek food, which means if they are refusing to eat something has gone wrong with their body.

It is essential to make sure they are getting checked out and you have given them something to drink.

It might require having to hand-feed the rabbit slowly. This is going to have to be done carefully so the baby rabbit survives and it should be in line with what the vet has to say.

Take your time as you learn how to tell if baby rabbits are dead because this is a sign the rabbit may already be dead.

how to tell if baby rabbits are dead

3. Constant Groaning

Is the baby rabbit making groaning noises?

To some rabbit owners, this noise is going to be more like a squeak and that is going to vary from rabbit to rabbit. You should pay attention to this especially if the baby rabbit is lying limp on the ground.

You will know something is wrong and the baby rabbit is not in good shape.

Final Thoughts

This is how to tell if baby rabbits are dead the right way.

When a baby rabbit is dead, you will immediately see them lying limp on the ground and they won’t be making any noise.

Most baby rabbits that do pass away tend to lose their energy slowly. This means they will start by groaning a lot but then are going to go quiet without eating or drinking anything. This doesn’t last for a long time because the baby rabbit is at a weak part in its life at that point in time.

So, you have to be vigilant, if you want to save their lives.

It’s best to speak to a vet when this happens!

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