Do Baby Rabbits Drink Water? (And How!)

Baby rabbits have unique habits as soon as they are born. This happens both in the wild and when they are being raised at home with pet rabbits. In general, you are going to notice they will have specific drinking requirements when it comes to what’s going into their body. This will lead you to wonder, do baby rabbits drink water?

Baby rabbits can drink water and will do after the first few weeks have passed. In the beginning, the only food source a baby rabbit is going to be seek is its mother’s milk. After the first few weeks, the baby rabbit will begin drinking water.

It’s best to pay attention to this, especially when the baby rabbits begin looking around for water and may try to get into the mother rabbit’s food sources.

The reasons include:

  • General Growth
  • Increasing Hunger
  • Lack of Milk

Each situation is going to be different but you should take the time to ask, “Do baby rabbits drink water?” so you get a better read on what to do next.

If the baby rabbits are beginning to venture towards the mother’s water bottle then it might be time to add another one into the mix. This is going to keep everyone hydrated, so the mother’s water resources aren’t being compromised during this time.

For those who are asking “Do baby rabbits drink water?” take the time to go through this guide and learn more about what the benefits are of drinking water for baby rabbits.

Best Water Bottle for Baby Rabbits (EDITOR’S CHOICE)

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Benefits of Baby Rabbits Drinking Water

1. Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated is always going to play a role in why baby rabbits drink water.

This is just a natural part of life but it is essential to think about why a baby rabbit is venturing towards the water bottle instead of drinking from the mother rabbit’s milk source. This is a transition that tends to happen after a few weeks.

With larger litters, you are going to see the transition happen faster simply because the baby rabbits have to survive.

Experts Say...
Baby rabbits require constant attention and they will often seek this by drinking the mother’s milk and/or taking a sip from a nearby water source including water bottles.

If you notice this, it makes sense to prep the water bottle and ensure the baby rabbits have something nearby to drink from.

The water is going to sustain them and is going to play a significant role in how they develop. If not, they are going to start falling ill and some do pass away!

Take your time to find a good water bottle for baby rabbits that can be set up right away.

Do baby rabbits drink water

2. Improved Physical Development

When asking “Do baby rabbits drink water?” you will have to keep an eye on their growth patterns.

The average baby rabbit is going to grow rapidly and that is a natural part of their physical development. However, this is only going to happen if they get enough milk in the beginning and water as they start to grow.

Experts Say...
Baby rabbits tend to grow aggressively during the first few months making drinking water essential for such an integral part of their development curve.

If not, the baby rabbit is going to fall ill quickly.

This happens a lot and it is not a good sight to see at the best of times. Your goal should be to take the time to understand what is needed for the baby rabbit’s body to grow.

This is going to include a fresh source of water at all times for the baby rabbits to go to whenever necessary.

Do baby rabbits drink water

3. Helps Build Independence

This is a unique benefit when it comes to baby rabbits drinking water.

They will need to become independent soon because in the wild that is what would happen. The baby rabbits would go their own way after they grow up.

This means they will need to learn how to find food as soon as possible. This often starts with taking a sip from the water bottle at home.

Final Thoughts

Do baby rabbits drink water?

Baby rabbits are more than happy to take a sip of water after they have spent a few weeks drinking milk from the mother rabbit. As soon as they are capable of moving around, they will take a sip from a water source if it is nearby.

In homes, this is easy and you can regulate the type of water the baby rabbit is drinking as well!

This is ideal and it is something you should focus on as much as possible. Make sure the water is 100% pure and is going to be good for the rabbit.

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