How To Stop Rabbits Chewing Wires (And What To Use!)

Are wires around the house being chewed on with reckless abandon? This is a common problem rabbit owners deal with because their pet rabbit is nosy and wants to get into everything! With a situation such as this, you will need to learn how to stop rabbits chewing wires safely.

When a rabbit begins to chew wires, you will want to pinpoint where the problem area is and how to protect it from the rabbit.

Some houses have one area that has all of the wires, while others are going to have the wires spread throughout the house.

Key factors to consider include:

  • Types of Wires
  • Height of the Wires
  • Usage

You want to think about these details before focusing on how to stop rabbits chewing wires. It is essential to do everything in your power to protect the wires because not only is it important to keep them safe but also the pet rabbit.

If they chew on something improperly, it could lead to an electrocution!

This is why it is essential to learn how to stop rabbits chewing wires and do it the right way. Take your time going through the tips listed here and then see what needs to be done in your house.

Here is a look at how to stop rabbits chewing wires, what to use, and why it is essential to make sure you are doing everything to protect the rabbit.

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Tips on How To Stop Rabbits Chewing Wires

1. Use an Anti-Chew Spray

The first investment a rabbit owner should be making is to buy an anti-chew spray.

This spray is going to be ideal because it will alleviate some of the pressure that’s put on the rabbit heading into the future. The rabbit won’t go anywhere near the wiring because the smell is going to repel them naturally.

It’s an easy fix that is not as intrusive and is going to keep the rabbit away for good.

Experts Say...
Anti-chew spray is heralded for offering complete protection against rabbits that chew wires around the house and can act as a one-stop solution in that part of the house.

For houses that only have one or two spots with wiring, this is a great solution.

Just spray a little bit near the wires and you are going to be good to go. Plus, with anti-chew spray, the scent isn’t going to be annoying to you.

It is just going to put off the rabbit enough where they won’t want to go anywhere near the wires and certainly won’t want to take a bite!

how to stop rabbits chewing wires

2. Cover the Wires

When learning how to stop rabbits chewing wires, you want to think about protecting the wires with additional material, especially if there are multiple spots with wires.

This means taking a metal case and placing the wires in there.

This is possible when you bunch the wires together and then cover them. This is going to ensure the wires aren’t easy to chew on even when the rabbit is near them.

Experts Say...
Covering the wire with metal or something robust will make sure the rabbit’s teeth can’t get into the wiring at all.

Please note, when you are doing this, the rabbit does have strong teeth!

They are going to be able to chew through most materials so using something as simple as plastic won’t do. You have to go with proper metal casings to keep the wires safe at home.

how to stop rabbits chewing wires

3. Elevate the Wires

Elevating the wiring in your house is never a bad idea and is going to yield good results.

Most rabbits aren’t going to enjoy the idea of getting into high spaces because it is dangerous. Yes, they can climb but only when there is enough of a footing to do so.

As a result, if you simply elevate the wires, you are going to have a good chance of avoiding damage at the hands of your rabbit.

This is a good solution that should be kept in mind regardless of whether or not you are using metal casings/anti-chew sprays. It just adds another layer of protection.

Final Thoughts

This is how to stop rabbits chewing wires.

You can’t tolerate a rabbit just chewing wires recklessly as it is dangerous for them and is going to ruin things at home. So, you want to look at adding different types of solutions including using a simple anti-chew spray for rabbits or installing a metal casing around the wiring.

This is up to you, but the goal should remain to focus on what works the best. This is a must!

If your rabbit continues to chew the wires, you are not going to be a happy rabbit owner and it may harm them over time.

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