How To Calm Down a Hyper Rabbit (And What To Use!)

Do you have a rabbit that is bubbling with energy and running all over the place? Do you want to help calm the rabbit and better understand what can be done to bring the energy level down a bit? If so, you will need to learn how to calm down a hyper rabbit.

It takes a bit of an effort on your end to ensure appropriate measures are taken.

A lot of rabbits go through phases where they are bubbling with energy. This is normal, especially with younger rabbits because they are ready to play and move around as much as possible. As a result, you will have to control their behavior and help filter it in the right direction!

Key factors to consider include:

  • Play Time
  • Dietary Intake
  • Treats

Just looking at these factors will teach you how to calm down a hyper rabbit properly. A lot of rabbit owners don’t know what to think about when their hyper rabbit is hopping around from point A to point B.

This is why you want to bring out everything that is up your sleeve as a rabbit owner. This is the only way to keep the rabbit happy.

If you don’t learn how to calm down a hyper rabbit, you are not going to see good results.

Here is a look at how to calm down a hyper rabbit, what to consider, and what to avoid when in a situation such as this.

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Tips on How To Calm Down a Hyper Rabbit

1. Use Rabbit Toys

Rabbits can get bored at times and that happens when they are living in a small house.

Most rabbits are going to explore their territory in the wild and try to use up some of their energy throughout the day. However, when they are holed up inside, it is not as easy to do this!

As a result, you are going to have an antsy rabbit that is hopping around all over the place.

Experts Say...
Rabbit toys are great because it will ensure the rabbit’s energy is as focused as it needs to be.

The goal here is to use rabbit toys that are going to keep the rabbit busy but focused.

In general, a rabbit that doesn’t have toys or something to do will always try to run around on its own. This is just their way of having fun with what is available to them.

So, by including rabbit toys into the mix, you are going to have a much better opportunity of learning how to calm down a hyper rabbit.

how to calm down a hyper rabbit

2. Give Calming Treats

Calming treats are your best friend in a situation such as this.

You have to look for high-quality calming treats that are easy to digest. The treats are going to help soothe the rabbit and bring down its energy right away.

It is a simple option that is going to be easy to implement and the rabbit won’t mind it either!

Experts Say...
Calming treats are wonderful for soothing the rabbit and bringing its energy levels down a bit during the day while also keeping them happy.

You have to understand younger rabbits are always going to have this issue. They are going to be bursting with energy and it is going to have to come out somewhere.

This is why you have to learn how to calm down a hyper rabbit and make sure things are done the right way.

how to calm down a hyper rabbit

3. Create Tunnels and Places to Play

You can create tunnels because that is natural to the rabbit and something they are going to be intrigued by. In general, you can set up a small area with tunnels and ramps for the rabbit to run through or on. It is just an experience that is going to draw them in!

If you want to do this properly, it is never a bad idea to think about including tunnels at home.

It is going to be fun for the rabbit and they are going to want to see what the tunnels are all about. It is a change that is going to work even if your rabbit isn’t hyper!

Final Thoughts

These are the tips that are going to matter when learning how to calm down a hyper rabbit.

Remember, a hyper rabbit is not a bad thing as long as you are willing to refocus that energy. If not, you are going to have a rabbit that is out of control and won’t know what to do with its energy.

The goal should remain to learn how to calm down a hyper rabbit and focus on what works. This is how you are going to see appropriate results and the rabbit is going to stay happy.

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