Can Rabbits Eat Cereal Boxes? (And Which Ones!)

It is always fascinating to see what rabbits like to eat throughout the day. You will often be surprised when the rabbit starts chewing on items that may have seemed inedible in your eyes. This is why it becomes essential to ask questions such as “Can rabbits eat cereal boxes?”

Rabbits love eating cereal boxes and can digest the contents as long as they are uncontaminated. The cereal box can act as a good filler meal while helping with the rabbit’s teeth.

If you have cereal boxes lying around, it isn’t a bad idea to give some to your rabbit from time to time. It is just a nice way to keep them busy.

The reasons include:

  • Easy to Eat
  • Good for the Teeth
  • Filling

Rabbits will often be seen eating items that seem odd at first. This is normal!

Rabbits are inquisitive animals and are going to want to get their teeth into items that seem inedible. This is why it is essential to ask questions such as “Can rabbits eat cereal boxes?” because you will be surprised as to what the rabbit is willing to dig into.

With a situation such as this, it makes sense to find a real-world chew toy instead, but cereal boxes are okay as well if that is all you have.

Here is more on the query “Can rabbits eat cereal boxes?” along with what benefits are noticeable when a rabbit starts eating cereal boxes.

Best Chew Toys for Rabbits (EDITOR’S CHOICE)

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Benefits of Eating Cardboard for Rabbits

1. Great for the Teeth

It is the teeth that will stand out when you start looking at different plus points surrounding cereal boxes for rabbits.

Rabbits are drawn to items such as cereal boxes because they are tough and are great for digging into with their teeth.

By doing this, the rabbit has a far better chance of keeping its dental health in check. Remember, if a rabbit doesn’t use its teeth enough, they are going to start developing dental issues that do add up rapidly.

Experts Say...
Rabbits prefer cardboard because it helps with their teeth and can become a source of comfort.

It’s better to make sure the rabbit is being well taken care of and the best way to do this is to find a high-quality chew toy or at least put small pieces of cardboard in front of the rabbit.

They are often going to try to find these types of chewable surfaces around the house, if you are not taking care of their needs!

This is why it makes sense to give them cereal boxes from time to time just a way to mix things up.

Can rabbits eat cereal boxes

2. Easy to Digest

If you are asking “Can rabbits eat cereal boxes?”, you will want something that is easy to digest for the rabbit.

Rabbits adore cereal boxes because they are not challenging to eat and the digestive system isn’t going to start acting up as soon as the material enters.

This is a major reason why cereal boxes are good for rabbits in moderation.

Rabbits don’t have a lot of trouble digesting cardboard and will often like chewing on some when available.

Of course, you have to make sure the cereal box isn’t laced with something that could do damage to the rabbit’s internal organs.

As long as it is sanitized, the cereal box is going to offer real value to the rabbit as soon as it digs in.

Can rabbits eat cereal boxes

3. Keeps the Rabbit Full

Rabbits want to stay full and that is what they aim to do during the day.

Now, you are usually going to feed them enough food, but there is always a feeling of an empty stomach that rabbits don’t enjoy a lot.

This is why something as simple as a small piece of your cereal box can go a long way. They will eat it and the digestive system is going to make them feel full for hours.

This is the same reason you don’t want to go overboard!

Too much in terms of a cereal box will make them not want to eat anything else. This is bad for the rabbit’s health and isn’t something you should be aiming to do.

Final Thoughts

“Can rabbits eat cereal boxes?”

Cereal boxes are a valid option for rabbits to eat and they will often gravitate towards them when it is time to find something chewable around the house.

Giving the rabbit a small piece to chew on is just as good as a regular chew toy. They are going to enjoy what the cereal box has to offer and it’s going to be perfect for their short-term needs.

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