Do Wild Rabbits Have Fleas? (And Why!)

Do wild rabbits have fleas?

Wild rabbits can have fleas despite having a desire to keep themselves clean. This is common due to their desire to spend time in burrows and run on grass.

When observing a wild rabbit, you will notice their fur is going to be relatively clean. This is due to their natural habit to keep the fur clean even if it has an organic stench to it!

However, this doesn’t mean they can prevent fleas that hop on and spread.

The reasons include:

  • Digging All The Time
  • Spending Time in Underground Tunnels
  • Eating in Grassy Areas

Due to how much time they spend in flea-infested areas, it is expected for them to get fleas. The more time they are spending in these situations, the worse their flea situation is going to get.

Of course, this can happen with all types of rabbits and some are going to be free of fleas. It is not a guarantee that wild rabbits get fleas.

This guide will take a look at the query, “Do wild rabbits have fleas?” while trying to pinpoint what the main reasons are for wild rabbits getting fleas.

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1. Constant Digging

Digging is a common part of a rabbit’s life.

Whether this is to protect themselves, dig tunnels, or protect their young, there is nothing more important to a rabbit than being able to quickly dig whenever it needs to.

While this is wonderful and a skill that keeps them safe, it is not going to be a good protector against fleas! This is why anyone asking “Do wild rabbits have fleas?” will want to focus on what digging can do to a rabbit’s body.

Not only is the rabbit going to be covered with dirt, it is also going to have to deal with things such as fleas.

Experts Say...
Rabbits are natural diggers whether it’s for living purposes or nesting, which means they are prone to dealing with all sorts of critters including fleas.

Rabbits are aware of what can happen to their bodies, which is why they take the time to keep themselves clean throughout the day.

Rabbits don’t prefer to stay mucky and will do as much as possible to clean themselves.

However, there are times when having a few fleas is going to be an issue they can’t avoid. In rare cases, the wild rabbit is going to have a significant flea problem and that is when their health gets impacted. In the wild, a rabbit can die due to this problem going unresolved.

Do wild rabbits have fleas

2. Eating in Grassy Areas

When a wild rabbit is walking around, they are going to be spending quite a bit of time in the grass.

It is just a part of what their lifestyle entails and it is something they are not going to be able to avoid. Grassy areas can take a toll on the body because there are critters everywhere!

While this is not just about fleas, they are going to be present and hop onto the fur leading to long-term issues.

Grassier areas tend to hold a considerable amount of fleas and more time spent on those spots will see a natural increase in fleas.

When asking “Do wild rabbits have fleas?” you are going to want to keep one eye on this.

Fleas are going to be resting on the grass and will hop on as soon as the rabbit brushes by. Of course, as they begin to spread, the rabbit will have further issues to deal with.

This is why a lot of rabbits deal with these issues and don’t know what to do about it.

Do wild rabbits have fleas

3. Underground Tunnels

When wild rabbits are digging, they are also going to be rushing through underground tunnels.

Over time, rabbits have evolved and understood the importance of being underground. This is why they design complex underground tunnels that have multiple exits/entrances.

Of course, this is a major benefit in terms of their safety but it also takes a toll on their fur. It gets damaged due to the dirt, but also the fleas.

Final Thoughts

Do wild rabbits have fleas?

Wild rabbits commonly do have to deal with fleas and it can have a tremendous impact on their quality of life. A lot of rabbits will try to clean themselves as a way to ensure the fur stays in pristine condition.

In comparison to other animals, they are going to be fairly clean but that isn’t enough when it comes to fleas hopping on for a ride.

If the rabbit is constantly walking through grassy areas and/or digging, they are going to have to deal with pesky pests.

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