Why Is Mother Rabbit Stepping On Babies?

Seeing a mother rabbit stepping on babies can be a frightening sight.

This can happen when a mother rabbit is anxious about her surroundings and/or it’s her first litter. The anxiety can cause the mother rabbit to start jumping in and out of the nesting area.

This is often seen when there is a nesting box set up.

If this is happening, it’s recommended to consider making changes to certain elements of the current setup. However, in a lot of cases, the babies are going to be fine and will tough it out even if they are getting stepped on by the mother rabbit!

The reasons can include:

  • General Anxiety
  • Environmental Concerns
  • First Litter/Inexperience

Just like other animals, mother rabbits also have to adjust to their first litter. It isn’t always going to come as naturally as you assume, which means things such as a mother rabbit stepping on babies becomes possible.

If you are noticing this, it is best to pay attention to how the baby rabbits are doing.

This will shed light on what type of change is needed with the mother rabbit stepping on babies. Sometimes, changes aren’t needed, but it is recommended to consider doing something!

Here is a look at what to do with a mother rabbit stepping on babies, what works best, and how to make sure the baby rabbits are safe.

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Tips for Stopping a Mother Rabbit Stepping On Babies

1. Use a Hutch or Nesting Box Cover

With a mother rabbit stepping on babies, you are going to want to consider making a simple change that is effective and to the point.

One of the best changes a rabbit owner can make is to use a cover.

This is going to prevent the mother rabbit from aggressively stepping onto her babies while moving around. It will act as added protection for the baby rabbits. Just something as simple as this is going to work wonders and will put the baby rabbits at ease too.

Experts Say...
Covering the nesting area can ensure the mother rabbit doesn’t accidentally step onto her babies while moving around anxiously.

The best part about doing this is it will also keep the baby rabbits warm.

This is a plus as they tend to get cold during the night. Using something as simple as an effective hutch or nesting box cover will go a long way.

It is going to ensure the mother rabbit also begins to feel comfortable about her surroundings and doesn’t move around as much!

Take advantage of this and ensure you are using a well-rounded solution that is going to cover the entire area.

mother rabbit stepping on babies

2. Trim the Mother’s Nails

Trimming the mother rabbit’s nails is a preventative solution that will keep the baby rabbits safe too.

In most cases, it is the nails that are going to do a tremendous amount of damage. They can nick the bunnies that are in the litter leading to bleeding and/or bruising.

While an adult rabbit can handle something like this with ease, it is not as simple for a baby rabbit. They are going to be prone to getting hurt, which is why trimming the nails is recommended.

Most of the damage is done with the nails, so trimming them will nip this problem in the bud for the most part.

It doesn’t take a long time to do and it will work well.

Just take your time and ensure you are using a solution that is straight to the point. This will yield good results and you are going to feel comfortable with the mother rabbit moving around the litter.

mother rabbit stepping on babies

3. Move the Nesting Area

This is the last option that is going to be available to you.

The idea of doing this is to help readjust the mother rabbit’s vantage point when it comes to her litter. This can help as sometimes you may not realize what is going on with the mother rabbit’s anxiety level.

Just taking the time to relocate the nesting area is going to go a long way.

When you are moving the nesting area, make sure it is in a quiet area and is going to allow the baby rabbits an opportunity to rest.

Final Thoughts

With a mother rabbit stepping on babies, you are going to want to take action as soon as possible.

It is not a sight you are going to want to see! However, the best cousre of action is to observe for a while and then start making adjustments.

The first adjustment can be the use of a cage or hutch cover to place over the nesting area. This can help ease the mother rabbit’s nerves with her first litter.

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