Why Do Rabbits Lay In Their Poop?

Why do rabbits lay in their poop?

Rabbits lay in their poop to claim their territory and feel a sense of security in the setting. This is why many rabbits will be seen resting with their poop nearby. The scent helps them rest easy.

There are some cases where rabbits will also be seen eating their poop. It helps them maximize the nutrients in the poop, which is a far different relationship to fecal matter in comparison to humans.

Rabbits tend to see poop as an extension of them and will be more than happy to reuse it and/or lay in it. This demonstrates the importance of poop for rabbits and why it’s okay for them to poop nearby.

The benefits include:

  • Marking Territory
  • Nutrients
  • Pleasant Scent for Rabbits

For those wondering “Why do rabbits lay in their poop?” sometimes the reason is as simple as enjoying the scent. Since rabbits are more than willing to munch on their poop to reuse the nutrients, this makes it easy for them to rest in it as well.

For them, it is similar to rest in a pile of food, which is why they are so comfortable around it.

This can be unique to humans, but is not a big deal for the average rabbit especially in the wild.

This guide will look at the question “Why do rabbits lay in their poop?” while also thinking about the benefits of poop for rabbits and why they lay in it.

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Reasons for Rabbits Laying in Their Poop

1. Marking Territory

The most common reason for a rabbit lying in its own poop comes down to territorial claims.

The rabbit will want to know everyone in the territory that it is there. This can be beneficial when there are other rabbits in the area and the rabbit doesn’t want to battle for a spot in the habitat.

While rabbits tend to stay out of the way because of predators, this is a good way for them to stay anxiety-free especially in a new spot.

Experts Say...
Rabbits will often use pee and/or poop as a way to mark their territory, which makes lying in it a common part of their lifestyle.

A lot of rabbit owners state their new rabbit begins pooping as soon as it arrives at home. This is normal because they are just marking the territory.

Being able to feel comfortable is essential for rabbits and that’s what they seek in the wild.

When they are in a new setting, you are going to see them start pooping everywhere. This is just a way to mark their territory and feel in control of the situation.

As a result, when you are asking “Why do rabbits lay in their poop?” it might be as simple as this.

Why do rabbits lay in their poop

2. Sense of Comfort

Comfort is one of those things that you are not going to want to ignore.

If a rabbit is uncomfortable, it won’t want to move around and/or eat. This is why there are many rabbits that will start laying in their poop as a way to calm down.

You will see them sniffing the poop and in some cases, they will take a bite too.

Rabbits feel a sense of comfort in their surroundings and the use of poop can make it easier especially in a new habitat.

Remember, rabbits have a digestive system that needs to be regularly replenished.

If not, they start dealing with serious digestive issues including gas. This is why they prefer to keep something in the stomach even if it includes poop.

Their body knows how to make the most of the poop as it is consumed.

Why do rabbits lay in their poop

3. Stimulating

If you are wondering “Why do rabbits lay in their poop?” it might have to do with stimulation.

This is especially true when it comes to rabbits inside a house behaving in this manner. You will see them poop and then start sniffing it.

They get a small high out of it and this is beneficial when it comes to relaxation. It helps the rabbit feel good for a little bit and they do crave that from time to time.

Final Thoughts

“Why do rabbits lay in their poop?”

Seeing a rabbit lie in its poop might be a fascinating sight, but it’s quite common depending on how the rabbit is feeling. If it wants to relax and mark its territory then laying in poop is never a bad idea.

It is something they will do as a natural part of making a mark in a new spot. They will also do this as a way of relaxing and staying calm.

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