Do Male Rabbits Spray After Neutering? (And Why!)

Do male rabbits spray after neutering?

Male rabbits will spray after neutering and tend to maintain similar behavioral traits despite the physical change.

It’s important to note, each rabbit is unique and some will spray while others won’t. However, this isn’t going to change because a rabbit was neutered and this impacted their ability to spray from time to time. Instead, it will be a psychological change that was made naturally.

This is going to vary from rabbit to rabbit, so the most you can do is pay attention to how the neutered rabbit is doing.

The reasons can include:

  • Comfort
  • Fatigue
  • Desire to Mark the Territory

When it comes to a male rabbit spraying after being neutered, it is quite common in terms of behavior. A lot of rabbits do this because it comes naturally to them and they prefer marking the area.

Being neutered is not going to stop the male rabbit in this regard. They will continue as they would have otherwise!

For those asking “Do male rabbits spray after neutering?” it’s better to focus on why this type of behavior is happening as that will shed light on the rabbit’s behavior.

This guide will focus on the question “Do male rabbits spray after neutering?” while also dissecting the main reasons for a neutered male rabbit spraying.

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Reasons for a Neutered Rabbit Spraying

1. Natural Instinct

This is a simple reason that demonstrates rabbits are just reacting to what they are used to.

For example, let’s assume a female rabbit crosses a neutered male rabbit. The male rabbit is still going to behave in the same manner as it would except this time it is going to be neutered. This means you are going to see the male rabbit spray a little bit on the female rabbit.

This is common behavior and it is something that comes organically to them.

Experts Say...
An unneutered rabbit sprays female rabbits to woo them but will do the same even when they are neutered due to an inherent instinct to do so.

If your pet rabbit is doing this, there is nothing to be worried about and it shows the rabbit is still psychologically in good spirits.

A lot of male rabbits may start to change their mindset, but this doesn’t always have to be the case. Some male rabbits will persist with their habits because that is who they are!

In this case, you should pay attention to when they spray and make sure to clean up!

You can take the time to train them after a while, but it is difficult to do so when ti is a built-in habit.

Do male rabbits spray after neutering

2. Marking Territory

When asking “Do male rabbits spray after neutering?” you should also understand that rabbits only have a few options to mark their territory.

This means a rabbit is either going to start digging in the area, creating tunnels, pooping, and/or spraying a little bit where they want to reside.

This is just a way for them to indicate to others that this is their spot and shouldn’t be taken.

Rabbits have unique ways of claiming territory including pooping in the area and/or spraying a little bit where they want to stay.

Male rabbits will often do this because it is a way for them to remain assertive.

Otherwise, there are other male rabbits that are going to come and start to take over. This can even happen when a rabbit is with you.

They are going to start spraying if they want to mark their spot at home.

Do male rabbits spray after neutering

3. Sign of Dominance

This is seen in various animals and the same applies to rabbits as well.

You will notice the rabbit start to spray where it rests as a way of dominance. This can happen when you start coming too close because it will want to assert itself as much as possible.

Even when a rabbit is comfortable, it may start doing this as a way to let you know it means business. This happens a lot between rabbits too.

If your pet rabbit is neutered, this doesn’t mean it will stop spraying. A lot will continue to do so and some are going to get worse with time!

Final Thoughts

“Do male rabbits spray after neutering?”

Rabbits that have been neutered are going to be more than happy to spray from time to time. It is a natural reaction to them and isn’t going to be removed from their arsenal after getting neutered!

You will still have to work with the rabbit to make sure it doesn’t spray all over the place.

If you are having trouble with this at home, feel free to use a good odor remover for rabbit urine. This will help eliminate the stench that comes along with the spraying.

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