Can Rabbits Get Pink Eye From Humans?

Can rabbits get pink eye from humans?

Pink eye or conjunctivitis is caused by bacteria and can transfer to rabbits from humans. While rabbits can get pink eye from humans, it’s quite rare and most occurrences happen between rabbits.

If you notice specific symptoms associated with pink eye in your rabbit and/or are dealing with pink eye yourself, it’s highly recommended to get a check up done as soon as possible. A vet will know what to look for and whether or not the rabbit has pink eye.

The symptoms can include:

  • Watery Eyes
  • Fatigue
  • Reluctant to Eat

In a situation such as this, where you are worried about a rabbit getting pink eye, it’s essential to seek medical assistance right away. The vet can shed light on whether or not the rabbit has conjunctivitis and how to make sure the rabbit stays safe.

If not, you are possibly going to spread the bacteria to your rabbit and it is going to spread it further!

You have to nip the problem in the bud as soon as possible. The more you let it spread, the worse it is going to get while hurting your rabbit.

This article is going to take a deeper look into “Can rabbits get pink eye from humans?” while also assessing what a rabbit owner can do to keep their rabbit safe from pink eye.

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Tips for Keeping Your Rabbit Safe From Pink Eye

1. Maintain Your Distance

Your goal is going to be to maintain a safe distance between yourself and the pet rabbit.

This means not spending a lot of time in the same room and certainly not cuddling or petting the rabbit. This is a situation where the bacteria will spread and it is going to harm the rabbit.

While it is still rare and not something that will happen easily, there is no reason to take a chance!

Experts Say...
Pink eye is caused by bacteria, which means staying far away will help reduce the likelihood of spreading the condition to your rabbit.

It is in your pet’s best interest to make sure you are maintaining a safe distance until your symptoms go away and you have been cleared by a medical professional.

if you are not doing this, it is possible to spread the condition to your rabbit leading to a new set of symptoms.

You have to be careful especially if you are already asking “Can rabbits get pink eye from humans?”

Can rabbits get pink eye from humans

2. Visit the Vet for a Diagnosis

Have you taken the rabbit to the vet?

The vet can take a deeper look into what is going on with your rabbit right away. This includes looking at the eyes, assessing the various symptoms, and making sure the rabbit is healthy.

If it is all good, the rabbit should be isolated from yourself instead of having it around you with pink eye.

Vets will go through a series of diagnostic tests to determine whether or not a rabbit has pink eye and will shed light on how to treat it.

If your rabbit has pink eye then it is time to take precaution as soon as possible.

This means you are going to put the rabbit through the prescribed treatment protocol to make sure they recover back to 100%.

This condition can be harsh on rabbits, so you have to be diligent with the care and make sure to visit the vet again for further diagnosis.

Can rabbits get pink eye from humans
Can rabbits get pink eye from humans

3. Use a Pink Eye Spray for Rabbits

When asking “Can rabbits get pink eye from humans?” you should focus on using a good pink eye spray for rabbits at home.

The pink eye spray is going to help provide relief to the rabbit and is also going to make the recovery process faster. You can also take a look at other prescription-based solutions that are given by the vet after you move forward with a diagnosis.

Otherwise, the pink eye spray for rabbits will be a good starting point to alleviate some of the main symptoms.

Final Thoughts

Can rabbits get pink eye from humans?

Pink eye can be passed between rabbits and humans making it important to have a clear diagnosis as soon as you can. Whether this has to do with you or the rabbit, it is essential to maintain a safe distance until the symptoms clear.

If not, the bacteria will spread and it is possible for the rabbit to get pink eye from you.

When you are aware of the symptoms, it is best to take precautions. It is in your rabbit’s best interest to stay clear of you until the symptoms pass.

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