Do Rabbits Bleed Before Giving Birth?

Do rabbits bleed before giving birth?

Rabbits can bleed before giving birth but it can also be a sign of birthing problems and/or a potential miscarriage. While it’s rare for a rabbit to bleed, it is possible and the best course of action is to visit a vet for further diagnosis.

A lot of rabbits will reabsorb the fetuses when facing birthing issues, which can result in the pregnancy being terminated.

It’s essential to look out for these factors beforehand as it may have nothing to do with the rabbit giving birth. This is just one of the reasons a rabbit may end up bleeding.

Additional reasons include:

  • Injury to the Area
  • Digestive Troubles

This is why when asking, “Do rabbits bleed before giving birth?” it’s essential to seek medical consultation from a certified vet. They will know what to look for during the diagnosis phase and will understand how to determine whether or not the pregnant rabbit is in good health.

A bleeding rabbit should always be a noteworthy concern and something to inspect further.

This guide will help focus on the query, “Do rabbits bleed before giving birth?” while also determining how to help a rabbit that is bleeding.

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Tips for Helping a Pregnant Rabbit That’s Bleeding

1. Inspect the Bleeding Area

The first thing you are going to want to do with a pregnant rabbit that’s bleeding is to inspect the area.

This means you are going to determine where the blood is coming from. Sometimes, the rabbit may be bleeding from somewhere else and it has nothing to do with the pregnancy.

This can happen if the rabbit got hurt as it was moving around and nicked the area.

When this happens, you can quickly patch up the area and make sure the bleeding stops. However, if the rabbit is bleeding due to the pregnancy, it is time to assess how much blood is coming out.

Experts Say...
Pregnant rabbits may bleed before birth but it can often be a sign of birthing issues that are going to worsen as time goes on.

If it is a few trickles, you are still going to have time to respond and it is time to go to the vet while also soothing the rabbit.

If it is coming out profusely then you are going to have limited time to assist the pregnant rabbit. The best approach to take is to rush to the vet and get them to take a look. Otherwise, the rabbit’s pregnancy and/or life will be on the line.

This is why taking action is a must and inspecting the area is the bare minimum you can do in a situation such as this.

Do rabbits bleed before giving birth

2. Keep the Rabbit Warm

When asking “Do rabbits bleed before giving birth?” you also have to think about the helping the rabbit in the short-term.

The best way to do this is to take a small blanket and wrap the rabbit inside. This is going to help with handling the healing process and is going to ensure they don’t pass out.

Rabbits should be kept at a stable temperature using a blanket when bleeding to ensure they don’t pass out.

Remember, this is just a short-term solution.

You should also give a little bit of water to the rabbit so they don’t get dehydrated. At this point, the only approach you should take is to head to the vet.

Do rabbits bleed before giving birth

3. Visit a Vet Immediately

Visiting the vet is a must and that goes without saying with bleeding in pregnant rabbits.

Whether this has to do with a miscarriage, terminated pregnancy, and/or general birthing issues, a bleeding rabbit is not normal and action is necessary. If you are not taking the time to respond, it is possible the situation is going to worsen and/or the rabbit’s health will be fully compromised.

You want to make sure to take care of the rabbit and that is where a certified vet helps.

The vet is going to run an x-ray and will know what to look for when you start asking “Do rabbits bleed before giving birth?”

This is key as it will alleviate any doubt about what’s taking place and what the healing process is going to entail.

Final Thoughts

“Do rabbits bleed before giving birth?”

Rabbits are not genetically designed to start bleeding as soon as they are about to give birth. The reason has to do with becoming easier to hunt for predators.

However, it is possible for complications to arise just like any other animal. This means they do start bleeding right before birth.

This can also be a sign that they are going to have a rare miscarriage.

Your best approach in a situation such as this is to stay calm and visit a vet right away.

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