Can Rabbits Jump Over Fences?

Can rabbits jump over fences?

Rabbits can jump over fences but it depends on the height of the fence. The average rabbit can jump over a 2-3 feet in the air, but will often prefer avoiding a larger obstacle due to the risk of getting hurt.

If you are trying to control how the rabbits are walking around on your property, it is highly recommended to find a properly sized fence for rabbits right away.

The benefits will include:

  • Keeps the Rabbits in One Place
  • Meets Safety Requirements
  • Easy to Set Up

When asking “Can rabbits jump over fences?” you will want to focus on choosing the right fence to keep them in one place. A lot of property owners will look to keep their gardens safe, which is only possible by setting a fence around them and/or keeping the rabbits in one place.

If you have a pet rabbit and want to keep them on one side of the house, it is time to look at buying a good-quality fence that will ensure the rabbit doesn’t hop over!

This guide will help take a look at answering “Can rabbits jump over fences?” while also thinking about what is needed when buying a new fence for rabbits.

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Tips for Buying a Fence for Rabbits at Home

1. Look for 24″ in Height

The height is going to play an essential role in what you are getting and how well it plays out.

If you think any random fence will work on rabbits, this is rarely the case. Yes, a traditional fence in your yard is great in keeping rabbits from hopping over, but the same doesn’t apply to the fences you by online.

You want to make sure to look for something that is at least 24″ in height.

This will provide a good foundation to work from whether you’re protecting the garden or any other part of the yard.

Experts Say...
Rabbits can easily jump a feet into the air and at least 24″ will make them avoid the hurdle due to safety risks.

For those asking, “Can rabbits jump over fences?” it is important to focus on creating a sturdy barrier between the rabbit and where it isn’t supposed to go.

There is always a fence that is going to keep the rabbit at bay.

This is what you want to look for when you enter the market. The best fence for keeping rabbits out is always going to be made of sturdy materials and is going to be 2-3 feet tall.

Can rabbits jump over fences

2. Choose a Sturdy Material

What type of material is good for a fence?

You will want to go with something that is made out of metal/steel. These are materials that will age gracefully and are going to do well under pressure when a rabbit is going at them.

You never want to leave it in a situation where the rabbits can chew right through!

This is a critical detail you have to think about when it comes to the solution you’re going for.

Metal is often the safest and most reliable fence option because it is difficult to chew for rabbits.

A sturdy material is going to go a long way when it comes to providing results.

Keep things simple and ensure you are choosing a solution that is going to be straight to the point. A metal/steel fence for rabbits will work well.

Can rabbits jump over fences

3. Provide Enough Breathing Space

It is one thing to keep rabbits to one side and another to ensure they are not getting restricted for breathing space. A lot of people worry about this and that is what holds them back.

You have to make sure to look for something that offers enough breathing space to keep things as healthy as possible.

This means the rabbit should be able to move around without hitting the fence all the time. This will make them anxious and that is the last thing you want!

While rabbits do love burrows, this doesn’t mean it is okay to keep them restricted.

Look for a fence that is straightforward and isn’t going to get in their way when moving around other than protecting the other side.

Final Thoughts

Can rabbits jump over fences?

Rabbits can easily jump over fences as they are natural hoppers, but that doesn’t mean they will do it all the time. The average rabbit will always err on the side of caution when it comes to something like this and only hop over when it is a shorter fence.

This is why you won’t see rabbits trying their luck over 3-4 feet fences!

Instead, they try to dig under the fence if that is a potential option in their eyes. Otherwise, they will steer clear and just ignore what is on the other side of the fence!

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