Can Rabbits Cough? (And Why!)

Can rabbits cough?

Rabbits will rarely cough or sneeze unless they are dealing with an underlying respiratory infection. This type of infection is dangerous and can lead to the rabbit passing away if left untreated. It’s recommended to see medical assistance if a rabbit is coughing.

A lot of rabbit owners get perplexed when a rabbit starts coughing, which is why it’s important to take action right away rather than hoping it goes away.

The average rabbit is not going to be coughing for the sake of it. This is not as common as it would be in human beings because of how a rabbit’s anatomy is.

The reasons include:

  • Size
  • The shape of a Rabbit’s Diaphragm

if you start wondering, “Can rabbits cough?” the best thing to do is determine whether or not the coughing is persistent. If it is a hacking cough and not just something you might have heard in passing then it is time to take the rabbit to a vet.

The vet is going to run a series of tests along with looking into the rabbit’s mouth to pinpoint what’s going on. Don’t assume it will go away on its own!

Here is a look at answering the question “Can rabbits cough?” and what to do when you are in this type of position.

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Tips for How to Help a Coughing Rabbit

1. Speak to a Vet

Instead of asking “Can rabbits cough?”, you should be heading to the vet as soon as possible!

This is a serious medical condition when it concerns rabbits. They are not prone to coughing randomly and are always going to have an underlying reason for this sudden onset of coughing. If it is a condition that’s worsening with each passing minute, you may have limited time to help the rabbit.

Your goal should be to patiently speak to the vet and get them to diagnose the rabbit immediately.

Experts Say...
Vets will help run a set of scans along with doing a manual check before coming up with a diagnosis for the unrelenting coughing.

By getting a vet to take a look at your coughing rabbit, it’s a lot easier to feel in control of the situation.

The rabbit is going to be given medication to assist with the coughing and get rid of the underlying infection. It is the infection that is going to be leading to the coughing.

Respiratory infections are a serious concern with rabbits, making it essential to work on them in detail as soon as you hear the first cough.

Until you do this, you are not going to see appropriate results.

can rabbits cough

2. Set Up an Air Purifier

Long-term solutions are key when you start asking “Can rabbits cough?” because the goal is to provide as much relief as possible in the rabbit’s surroundings.

For example, do you have a good air purifier set up at home right now?

Most homeowners don’t and that is bad for both the rabbit and humans. It is essential to keep the air as clean as possible for the rabbit to breathe easily.

If they are prone to infections, you will want to make sure they are living in a clean environment to the best of your ability.

Dust in the air can aggravate a rabbit’s coughing and air purifiers help alleviate these worries by a considerable amount.

It is these details that make all the difference in the world!

A good air purifier for rabbits is going to be a wonderful addition and is going to ease the rabbit’s coughing significantly.

They are also going to see an improvement in quality of life, which is never a bad thing.

can rabbits cough

3. Increase Water Intake

How much water is your rabbit consuming per day?

A lot of rabbits don’t get enough water daily and that starts to impact their health. While this is not the biggest change you can make, it is highly recommended by medical experts.

Your goal should be to help increase the rabbit’s fresh water intake right away.

This is going to help with the coughing and is going to alleviate other underlying symptoms too.

Final Thoughts

“Can rabbits cough?”

Rabbits aren’t going to cough as regularly as humans, but it is a possible symptom when they are dealing with an underlying respiratory infection.

Rabbits are sensitive to these infections and they do take a toll on their bodies. This is why it is essential to take action and have a vet look at the sick rabbit as soon as possible.

This is a must when it comes to ensuring the rabbit is in good health heading into the future.

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