How To Make a Rabbit Sleep at Night (And What Works Best!)

Is it time to figure out how to make a rabbit sleep at night?

There are some rabbits that tend to stay awake for longer than anticipated. This is just like humans that may not sleep as early as others, but this can also lead to consequences in terms of the rabbit’s health.

As a result, you have to figure out how to make a rabbit sleep at night safely.

The benefits include:

  • Improved Energy Levels
  • Better Quality of Life
  • Increased Lifespan

The average rabbit owner will only think about the rabbit’s food and entertainment. Yes, these details are essential and will play a role in terms of how the rabbit feels, but it is also essential to make sure they are getting a good night’s sleep.

If not, you are going to start seeing the rabbit’s energy levels deplete while also having to deal with rising health concerns over the long-term!

The best course of action is to make sure you learn how to make a rabbit sleep at night right away.

This guide is going to shed light on what you have to do when helping a rabbit sleep at night and which changes are going to have the most prominent effect on the pet.

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Tips for Helping a Rabbit Sleep at Night

1. Use a Covered Bed or Hutch

Whether your rabbit is resting in a bed or hutch, you have to make sure it is covered.

This means you need to have some form of protection over top of the rabbit’s bed. This is the only way the rabbit is going to feel at ease and is going to rest without waking up throughout the night!

What is the reason for this?

Rabbits are anxious animals and that is often the reason for them not getting enough sleep. Their instinct is to stay awake so they don’t get hunted. Unfortunately, this means they are going to want to feel safe whether this means having the bed against a wall or looking to make sure it is a covered area.

Experts Say...
Covered spaces are often sought out by rabbits, so it makes sense to replicate this in their living arrangements at home.

It is these details that are going to matter as you learn how to make a rabbit sleep at night.

Don’t assume an open bed is going to get the job done. Yes, the rabbit will eventually fall asleep, but their hours are going to be odd and they will likely move the bedding closer to a wall or any hidden space they can find in their surroundings.

As a result, it is better to make things easier on them by simply buying a good rabbit bed immediately!

how to make a rabbit sleep at night

2. Reduce Light and Sound in the Area

How much light and sound is coming into the area where the rabbit rests at night?

You have to make sure the light and sound remains restricted or the rabbit won’t be too happy. This is one of the biggest issues rabbit owners deal with when it comes to their pet’s sleeping habits.

Rabbits don’t want to sleep out in the open. In some cases, they will do it, but this is not an expectation you should have.

Rabbits prefer to sleep covered whether it’s with a burrow or anything else. This is due to needing protection from the wild predators that lurk around looking for a quick meal.

Instead, when learning how to make a rabbit sleep at night, you want to focus on reducing the light and sound in the room.

This means not having it placed in a high-traffic area or where there is a constant burst of light coming into the room where the rabbit is resting.

how to make a rabbit sleep at night

3. Regulate the Temperature

Temperature isn’t a major deal, but there is a limit to what the rabbit is going to tolerate.

You should look to stick to what the rabbit is used to.

This means keeping the temperature somewhere between 60–65 degrees Fahrenheit as that is what they are going to find comfortable at night.

Final Thoughts

This is how to make a rabbit sleep at night.

It might seem odd to go through all of these hurdles to make things work, but it’s essential to make sure you are doing everything in your power to help the rabbit out. In a lot of cases, they will eventually take it into their own hands, but that means seeing the bedding all over the house as the rabbit moves it around!

Is that what you want to see?

No, you want to keep things simple, so just buy a covered rabbit bed and make sure the rabbit sleeps well at night.

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