Why Do Rabbits Move Their Bedding?

Why do rabbits move their bedding?

Rabbits may move their bedding to find a warmer spot, remain safe, and/or to stay in a quieter space. In a lot of situations, it’s common to see rabbits shift the bedding towards a darker, more covered space for added protection inside the house.

Remember, rabbits are quite particular about where they rest during the night. If they are not confident in where they are resting, the rabbit will likely become apprehensive and frustrated.

The advantages of moving the bedding include:

  • Control Over Positioning
  • General Comfort
  • Warmth

When asking “Why do rabbits move their bedding?” it’s important to focus on where the rabbit bedding is being moved in the house. This is going to shed light on the rabbit’s mindset as it starts moving the bedding from point A to point B.

If you are in this situation, it’s okay to let it happen while making sure the bedding is being used. If it’s not being used then it’s time to find better rabbit bedding for your pet rabbit.

Here is a deeper look into answering the question “Why do rabbits move their bedding?” while also observing what a rabbit owner needs to think about when it is time to position rabbit bedding safely.

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Tips for Positioning Rabbit Bedding at Home Safely

1. Choose a Warmer Room

Temperature matters and it’s something a lot of rabbit owners don’t think about.

Just assuming your home is enough won’t work. The temperature can fluctuate and even more so when it comes to rabbits hopping around at ground level.

This is why it’s best to ask “Why do rabbits move their bedding?” while also focusing on the warmth in the room. If you choose a warmer room, it will bode well for the rabbit’s health.

Of course, there is a balancing act that has to be maintained to see good results. Otherwise, it is certainly possible for a rabbit to become uncomfortable due to the warmth!

Experts Say...
The average rabbit is going to look for a place that is warm and protected to rest easily.

So, how warm is good enough for a rabbit at home?

Rabbits will want to remain somewhere in the range of 60-65 Farhenheit when it comes to their surroundings. It’s okay to go a little warmer than this indoors, but the setting has to be controlled.

Otherwise, the rabbit is going to become nervous and anxious leading to moving the bedding repeatedly. You have to pay attention to this as a rabbit owner and make sure you are putting them in a good situation at home.

Why do rabbits move their bedding

2. Provide Overhead Coverage

When asking “Why do rabbits move their bedding?”, you should have an idea of how the rabbit is going to be shielded indoors.

This means the rabbit is going to want minimal light as it starts resting. Some rabbits will be okay sleeping out in the open, but most are going to want some form of protection.

There are rabbits that will move their bedding close to a wall. This makes it easier for them to know they are protected from one end.

However, there are others that are not going to be comfortable until they are under something. This means you are going to have to shield them from the top too.

Solid protection is useful as most rabbits seek underground burrows when it is time to rest.

To know what works best for your rabbit, play around with the positioning and pay attention to what your rabbit is doing at all times.

This will shed light on what the rabbit needs and wants.

Why do rabbits move their bedding

3. Choose a Low-Traffic Area in the Home

Where is the bedding going to be situated in your house?

Rabbits will want something that is not in the middle of the action! This means you don’t want to put it smack dab in the middle of a family room and hope for the best.

This is going to bother the rabbit and it won’t want to rest there. Plus, they are not going to be able to rest at all even if they give it a shot.

You need to keep the bedding out of the way, so they are able to rest with ease.

Final Thoughts

“Why do rabbits move their bedding?”

In general, rabbits have different reasons for moving their bedding at home. It can sometimes be out of boredom, anxiety, or just not feeling comfortable in the current spot.

Each situation is unique, which is why the least you can do is buy good rabbit bedding for your setup. This is a must and will help your rabbit adjust at home.

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