Why Do Pigeons Fly In Circles?

Why do pigeons fly in circles?

Pigeons will often fly in circles to better adjust themselves to their surroundings. This includes picking up on specific scents, aligning themselves to the Earth’s gravity, and gaining a better understanding of where they are in their air.

In a lot of cases, this type of behavior takes place when pigeons are crossing large distances and may arrive to a new location without a good reading of the area.

Pigeons are intelligent birds and always focus on using their high IQ to deal with situational elements including the environment. This is why it’s neat to pay attention to their behavioral quirks and how they position themselves while flying in circles.

The benefits include:

  • Easier Time Finding Food
  • Better Hiding Spots
  • Improved Read of the Land

Pigeons will always stand out for this reason. They are fine-tuned to work in this manner and will often lead you to ask questions such as “Why do pigeons fly in circles?”

If you are sitting down and asking “Why do pigeons fly in circles?” it’s time to look at the benefits of pigeons flying in circles and why it is a big part of who they are as birds.

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Benefits of PIgeons Flying In Circles

1. Picking Up Key Scents

The main focus for a pigeon flying in circles is to pick up specific scents in the area they’re in.

For example, let’s assume they are trying to pinpoint what is happening on the ground. They may want to focus on the scent, determine if it is safe, and then start descending.

If not, they may expose themselves to serious risk and potential death due to predators.

Experts Say...
Warmth is essential and it starts by sitting on power lines and/or rushing towards ledges to stay out of the windy areas in a region.

Remember, pigeons have multiple predators that are lurking around looking to eat them. This means they have to stay as careful as possible when flying around.

Since they have the advantage of flight, they use this to perfection by implementing different tricks including flying in circles. It’s something they will often do as soon as the arrive to a new spot to make sure they are in good shape and don’t get hurt.

When asking “Why do pigeons fly in circles?”, it’s recommended to pay attention to what’s happening around the pigeon. You will notice there are multiple moving elements on the ground and potential food opportunities the bird is thinking about.

As a result, they will fly in circles and go from there based on what they detect.

Why do pigeons fly in circles

2. Finding Good Hiding Spots

There is always a need to find good hiding spots and that’s something pigeons fly in circles for.

They want to orient themselves to the area and make sure they find a good place to rest. Sometimes, this can also including finding spots for food along the ground.

Pigeons are great animals when it comes to finding spots to rest, so they use different tricks such as flying in circles to get to where they want to in any setting.

Pigeons will often fly to a new location and start moving in circles to spot good hiding spots in the area.

It is this capability that makes them intelligent enough to adapt within seconds.

They are rarely going to be left in a tough spot as long as they are taking advantage of their ability to pick up key scents and find those all-important hiding spots.

Why do pigeons fly in circles

3. Easier to Find Food

Food is the name of the game for any animal and the same applies to pigeons. This is a big part of their susrvival and it is something they are always on the lookout for.

In fact, this also includes water sources in the area.

Pigeons will want to stay fresh and that can include drinking water from time to time. As a result, they will fly in circles to align themselves with the Earth’s gravity and then swoop to the ground to pick up food and/or look for potential food opportunities.

Final Thoughts

“Why do pigeons fly in circles?”

Pigeons are all about adapting to their surroundings and that includes picking up on the magnetic forces of the planet.

If you are someone that is paying attention to the pigeons in the area, you will notice this type of behavior regularly. It is a part of how they adjust to any setting and look for what is happening around them. This can include potential predators, food options, and other relevant issues including hiding spots.

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