How To Get Rid Of A Pet Bird (And What Not To Do!)

It’s not an easy decision to let go of your pet bird. Each situation is unique, but there can come a time when you have to move or perhaps the bird isn’t a good fit for your home. In this case, it becomes essential to learn how to get rid of a pet bird safely.

If you are in this boat, it’s recommended to understand all of your options before moving forward.

The first thing you will want to consider is your situation and what it entails. Otherwise, you are going to make the wrong decision and end up unhappy!

The factors to consider include:

  • Your Location
  • Your Timeline
  • Your Options

It is these variables that are going to guide you when figuring out how to get rid of a pet bird.

A lot of bird owners want the process to be seamless and it can be. The goal is to learn what your options are as you think more on how to get rid of a pet bird.

Here are the tips to think about when it comes to understanding how to get rid of a pet bird and making sure the process is as smooth as it can be.

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Tips On How To Get Rid Of A Pet Bird

1. Reach Out to Family and Friends

This is often the most ideal option of them all.

In this case, you will want to reach out to family and friends to see whether or not they want a new pet in their lives. To the surprise of many people, there are individuals in their circle that are going to be willing to welcome the bird into their lives.

It’s all about taking the time to ask and then guiding them through the process.

This is a wonderful idea because it ensures the pet bird is going to have a healthy environment to live in. You can even check up on them from time to time whether it’s personally or over the phone using Facetime!

Experts Say...
Family and friends are a wonderful way to keep the birds in the circle without having to care for them daily.

When you do figure out how to get rid of a pet bird, it’s important to consider this as a possibility.

However, you want to make sure to teach the people taking them in about your pet bird’s tendencies. This is information most bird owners learn over time, but you can make it simpler for them with personal knowledge into the bird’s habits.

This is key information that is going to make the transition as seamless as possible for everyone involved.

how to get rid of a pet bird

2. Consider Local Agencies

There are multiple agencies in most areas that are willing to take on pet birds.

These agencies have entire setups in place to handle birds that are left behind or are unwanted. This is a difficult situation for everyone involved, but this is an option you can always take a look into when other options have been exhausted.

Local agencies are commonly available for taking on pet birds and will do so happily as long as you give them enough notice beforehand.

Please note, you should only go to certified agencies and not those who may not treat the bird well.

This is something you should look for through government resources in a bid to keep your bird safe. Otherwise, you may end up going with the wrong people!

how to get rid of a pet bird

3. Use Social Media or Classified Ads

As you learn how to get rid of a pet bird, you will need to consider alternatives.

The one option that tends to work well in the modern age would be Facebook or other relevant social media platforms. The concept is to set up a small ad with the bird’s details. This will allow interested pet owners a chance to work with the bird and help them out.

You can also try classified ads as a way to reach out to more people such as Kijiji.

The option is yours but it will open you up to a number of potential bird owners. You can even vet them before making a choice.

Final Thoughts

It is these details that are going to matter the most when you learn how to get rid of a pet bird.

Remember, it’s not an easy decision to make and most people get nervous about what they’re doing. There is nothing wrong with being apprehensive as it is going to be a life-changing decision for both yourself and the pet bird.

As a result, it’s best to focus on the options listed above when it is time to get rid of your pet bird safely.

Please note, the one mistake you shouldn’t be making is just letting the bird go! This is going to cause them to fly away but eventually lose their life as they are not built for the outdoor environment. A lot of budgie owners do this and that is a serious mistake!

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