Can Budgies Eat Egg? (And Which Eggs are Best!)

Can budgies eat eggs?

Budgies are happy to consume eggs as long as they come in the right form (i.e. mashed and boiled). It’s recommended to boil the eggs for 30 minutes before giving them to a budgie.

This is a good option bird owners should think about from time to time as a way to mix things up.

Should this be a regular occurrence? No, it is unnecessary to feed eggs to your budgies every day as that won’t lead to good results. It’s better to give budgies a whole egg 1-2 times per week.

The benefits include:

  • High in Protein
  • Good Amount of Fiber
  • Healthy Nutrients
  • Enjoyable Taste

It might seem like an odd thing to do, but budgies do enjoy eggs as long as they are prepared the right way. This is where the average bird owner messes up!

You have to take the time to properly prep the boiled eggs and leave the shell on. This is how the budgies want to eat them.

Otherwise, you should also take a look at sprinkling dried egg powder onto their meals as a way to increase their protein intake. The options are out there depending on what is available to you!

This guide will take a look at the question, “Can budgies eat eggs?” while also focusing on how to feed eggs to a budgie safely.

Best Eggs for Budgies (EDITOR’S CHOICE)

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How to Feed Eggs to a Budgie

1. Boil for 30 Minutes

Your goal should be to carefully boil the egg before giving it to your budgie.

In essence, you want it to be soft to the touch as that will allow the budgie an opportunity to enjoy the egg’s taste. Otherwise, it will be difficult for the budgie to dig in and make the most of their meal.

There is a balancing act here as you don’t want to overdo things either! Just focus on boiling the egg until it is soft to the touch, which takes approximately 30 minutes or so.

Experts Say...
Boiling the eggs is essential and will immediately kill the bacteria residing on the surface of the eggs.

You should test different times to see what works best for the budgie.

When asking questions such as “Can budgies eat egg?” it’s also smart to think about how you are prepping the meals in advance. This includes potentially using dried egg powder because that is just as effective without having to boil the eggs.

This is an option you can keep up your sleeve when the eggs run out or you don’t want to prepare a full-fledged boiled egg at home.

Can Budgies eat egg

2. Mash the Boiled Eggs

Mashing the boiled eggs for your budgie is a must.

This is the only form your budgie is going to be able to eat the egg other than using dried egg powder. The idea is to take the boiled eggs (with the shell intact) and then mash it with a spoon or even your finger.

The goal is to make sure the eggs are easy to digest for the budgie.

Mashing the eggs is essential for a budgie’s digestive system and will make it easier for them to retain the nutrients.

The wrong approach is to just take the boiled egg and dump it into the food bowl.

This is a mistake because it won’t work and the budgie will try to eat the egg unsuccessfully. Even if they make to dig in, it might lead to digestive issues!

Why deal with something like this when you don’t have?

For those asking “Can budgies eat egg?” just keep it simple and mash the eggs.

Can Budgies eat egg

3. Keep the Shell

What about the egg shell when it comes to feeding egg to a budgie?

You want to leave the shell as it is. This is the best way to make sure your budgie is safe and it doesn’t fall ill over the long-term.

This is where more and more people miss out on feeding eggs to their budgies. They don’t maximize the egg’s potential and don’t see results in the budgie’s health.

Keep the shell because it is ideal for the bird’s health.

Final Thoughts

Can Budgies eat eggs?

Of course, budgies are more than willing to eat an egg if that’s what you feed them. In fact, many budgies can eat up to 1-2 eggs per week when they are boiled and mashed safely.

It’s all about taking the time to freshly prepare the eggs.

Never give aged eggs to your budgie! This is unsafe and is the last thing you want to be doing as a bird owner.

Keep things as safe as possible and prepare the meal right before giving it to the budgie. This is the only option available to bird owners.

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