Can Birds Tell If You Are Pregnant? (And How!)

Can birds tell if you are pregnant?

Birds can tell you’re pregnant through hormonal changes and a person’s scent. The bird may not make a direct connection to the individual being pregnant, but will notice a change due to those fluctuating hormones.

This is why many bird owners report a shift in how their bird behaves around them.

A lot of birds become closed off when their owner is pregnant. This might have to do with those hormonal changes altering their perception of the owner and whether or not they’re friendly. Over time, this behavior does change but it might be a shock to the birds at first.

However, there are other birds that become more protective, so it is a mixed bag. Don’t assume your bird is going to react a specific way just because you’re pregnant!

The signs of a bird noticing you’re pregnant include:

  • Constant Preening
  • Lack of Interaction
  • Onset of Nipping

Please note, some birds may not display these signs and will just stay the same. This is something that is truly individual to a bird and it’s reaction to the situation.

There is no “set” reaction a bird is going to have when you are pregnant. This is key when asking questions such as “Can birds tell if you are pregnant?”

To learn more, go through the question “Can birds tell if you are pregnant?” and determine whether or not your bird is behaving in this manner at home.

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How To Bond With Your Bird While Pregnant

1. Spend More Time Around Them

When asking “Can birds tell if you are pregnant?” it’s best to simply spend more time with them.

Birds are going to have a much more adverse reaction if you are not bonding as much as you need to. This happens because the changes in hormones will alert them and it is not going to always end the way you want it to.

Some birds become aggression and/or stand-offish when you are pregnant!

So, the best solution is to simply spend more time with your bird and get them used to your changed presence.

Experts Say...
Birds will need to get used to the change in scents, which means you have to socialize with them more even if it is from outside the birdcage.

Over time, the bird is going to get used to your pregnancy and will ignore it.

While others may even become closer to you because you are spending more time with them. This is what you should aim to do as a bird owner.

Don’t give up on your bond with the pet bird!

Can birds tell if you are pregnant

2. Treat Your Bird

Are you taking the time to treat your bird?

The biggest mistake a person can make is to simply do the same thing as they have always done. You need to mix it up when asking “Can birds tell if you are pregnant?” because it is the only way to keep the bird happy.

If you start giving bird treats to your pet, they are going to enjoy your presence more. There is going to be a positive association between you and the treats.

Giving treats to a bird especially out of your hand is a powerful way to build a bond regardless of whether or not you’re pregnant.

What if you already give them treats?

In that case, you have to at least continue what you are doing and/or mix in new treats. There is always a way to up your game and work with your birds as you bond.

This is a must!

Can birds tell if you are pregnant

3. Play With Them

Are you taking the time to play with your pet bird after getting pregnant.

Being pregnant is tough because it puts a tremendous amount of pressure on your body and changes a lot. However, you also have to think about your beloved pet too!

You have to play with them and give them more time as a whole.

Playing with them is going to please them and that is going to lead to a better bond over time.

Final Thoughts

“Can birds tell if you are pregnant?”

Birds can notice changes in a person’s body and that may have to do with hormones. If that is the case, you are going to notice a change as soon as you become pregnant, perhaps even before you know you are pregnant!

A lot of birds pick up on things humans don’t including when they are sick or pregnant.

If you see a change in your bird’s behavior, this might be the underlying reason.

In this case, it makes sense to start spending more time with your bird and bonding with them. Especially, if you are worried about them hating your guts or not responding as they used to!

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