Can Parrots Eat Chicken Bones?

Can parrots eat chicken bones?

Parrots will happily eat meat off of a chicken bone and can also bite into a bone for protein. Since parrots are omnivores, they have no problem eating meat if given the opportunity to do so.

It’s recommended to mix up their diet from time to time, so they’re getting enough protein. Otherwise, it’s possible for parrots to develop health issues.

Does this means you have to give your parrot chicken bones? No, but it is certainly important to make sure they are getting protein and fiber in their diet. This is a must!

The reasons include:

  • Stronger Bones
  • Improved Immune System
  • Easier to Digest

Always make sure any type of meat for parrots is 100% organic. This is the only way your parrot is going to enjoy the meat and eat it regularly.

When it comes to making sure the right type of meat is given to a parrot, look at what is in the meat. You should start with small pieces and/or or small bones that will allow the parrot to eat as much as it wants to.

Don’t be afraid of the bone getting stuck in the parrot’s throat. They are used to eating this type of meat and are not going to swallow the bone.

For those asking, Can parrots eat chicken bones? it’s recommended to go through this guide and learn more about the best way to give parrots chicken bones during the year.

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How to Feed Chicken Meat to a Parrot

1. Start with Small Pieces

When it comes to feeding chicken meat to a parrot, you will be apprehensive at first. It’s common to assume parrots only eat birdseed but that’s untrue.

They are more than willing to eat chicken meat and even bite into a chicken bone!

The goal is to make sure you are finding 100% organic chicken meat that is going to be healthy for the parrot. This is the only hurdle that can pop up when feeding an omnivore such as a parrot.

When feeding chicken meat to a parrot, take the time to start with small pieces. These pieces will be easier to digest and can let you see whether or not the parrot even likes eating meat compared to other foods.

Experts Say...
The average parrot is going to happily eat meat and digest it without missing a beat.

When asking “Can parrots eat chicken bones?”, you have to realize some parrots don’t want to eat chicken. It’s just not what they like eating.

It’s not about can but more about do they want to eat chicken bones.

In a lot of cases, the parrot is simply going to want to go back to its regular foods and that’s fine. Pay attention to your parrot’s reaction in these situations so you are not force-feeding them meat.

Can parrots eat chicken bones

2. Mix with Regular Parrot Food

Let’s assume you tend to give the bird seeds from time to time.

In that case, this is going to be a treat on top of what the parrot is eating at home. In general, you want to take the time to place chicken meat in the regular food, so it’s easier for the parrot to enjoy.

They will enjoy this type of mix and it will help answer your question “Can parrots eat chicken bones?”

It’s always best to see whether or not the parrot prefers mixing the chicken meat with its regular food. This can happen in some cases.

If you take the time to mix the parrot food, it’s a lot easier to keep the parrot happy with the meat.

Even something as simple as chicken meat in the bird seeds will go a long way. The average parrot is going to respond well to this type of blend and will eat it happily.

Can parrots eat chicken bones

3. Don’t Take Out The Bones

Now, what about the parrot eating chicken bones? Is this something you should be doing as a bird owner?


Chicken bones are loved by parrots and the will eat them when given the chance to do so. It’s not easy for parrots to find chicken bones out in the wild, but you can certainly give them some at home.

When asking Can parrots eat chicken bones? it’s essential to give them a few small pieces to see how they do.

The parrot is likely going to start biting into the bone and trying to get at the bone marrow. This is where the heart of the protein is and that’s what the parrot is going to be after.

This is why experts state you don’t have to worry about parrots swallowing the bones as that is not their goal when biting into a chicken bone.

Final Thoughts

Can parrots eat chicken bones?

Parrots are always willing to eat chicken bones and are going to start digging in as soon as they can. It’s all about using it as a treat and seeing whether or not it increases the parrot’s happiness.

A lot of parrots do well and the increase in protein helps them.

You want to take advantage of your chicken bones because they will add value to what you are doing as a bird owner.

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