Are Birds Good For The Garden? (And How To Attract Them!)

Are birds good for the garden?

Birds are wonderful for the garden and are a natural part of the ecosystem. However, birds can harm the aesthetics of a garden by feeding on the plants.

This makes it important to find a way to distract birds if you want to keep them away.

Having the birds in your garden is only a problem if they ruin the plants. This is why it is important to find ways to push them away from the plants to the best of your ability.

The solutions can include:

  • Bird Feeders
  • Water Fountains
  • Waterfalls
  • Trees

These are just some of the options to think about when asking, “Are birds good for the garden?”

There is nothing worse than having plants wreak havoc in your vegetable garden because they’re hunting for food. Most birds aren’t going to touch the vegetables, if you set up a fake owl and/or a quality bird feeder. They will go for the easier food source in the bird feeder!

Here is a guide on answering the question “Are birds good for the garden?” with a detailed assessment of how to attract birds to your garden safely.

Best Bird Feeder For Your Garden (EDITOR’S CHOICE)

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Benefits of Birds in a Garden

1. Insect Control

This is one of the biggest benefits of having birds in a garden.

Most people worry about their plants getting ruined, but that can happen with bugs as well. Birds are a natural part of the ecosystem for a reason and that has to do with handling pests such as insects tearing into the plants.

With the inclusion of these birds, those insects are going to be naturally consumed before they eat into the plants causing damage.

For those asking, “Are birds good for the garden?” it’s recommended to consider this angle especially if you’re already dealing with pests in the garden.

Experts Say...
Bird feeders are a wonderful way to distract birds away from your garden while benefiting from their presence.

When you have birds that are known for eating insects, it becomes a lot easier to regulate how the garden ages. Most birds are going to be easy to control as long as you set up a good bird feeder in the yard as a food source.

They will happily eat from the bird feeder leading to good results over the long-term as the insects are eliminated one by one.

This is key when trying to have a good garden set up that will age gracefully and blossom.

Are birds good for the garden

2. Pollination

Pollination is an underrated component of a healthy garden and ecosystem.

If birds are not pollinating the yard, how are the plants going to thrive and grow? This is one of the biggest issues people have when they start driving away birds that are known for pollinating plants.

It’s important to find a good balance between pushing birds away from the yard and making sure they pollinate.

Birds are known for being excellent pollinators and will do so during the warmer months with consistency.

The right way to go about this is to set up a bird feeder in the garden.

This is one of the best ways to make sure the birds still come to the yard but don’t munch on the plants. Instead, they are going to simply come up to them as a secondary food source.

3. Weed Control

Weeds can become a monstrous issue over the long-term for those asking “Are birds good for the garden?”

You want to make sure there are birds around when it comes to keeping the weeds away. Otherwise, your garden is going to be inundated with too many plants and it will become overwhelming!

To avoid a situation such as this, it’s recommended to look at all of your options and get rid of the weeds using birds.

They will continue to eat away at the weeds and will use them as a food source. This is one of the main benefits that come along with birds in your garden.

Are birds good for the garden
Are birds good for the garden

Final Thoughts

Are birds good for the garden?

Indeed, birds are amazing for the garden as long as you’re willing to move their attention away from the plants. Over time, birds have gotten a bad rep for eating plants and doing a lot of damage.

While this is true, it has more to do with not setting up a good food source for them. The birds in the yard aren’t an issue as long as you are making it easier for them to eat.

Plus, having birds in your garden is aesthetically pleasing and more natural than not having them there!

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