How to Remove Dead Baby Birds On The Ground (And How To Help!)

Why are there dead baby birds on the ground?

Baby birds may fall out of the nest and/or become victims to a predator leading to their death. This is why you may find dead baby birds on the ground near a tree or close to a nest.

It’s recommended to check up on the baby birds to make sure they have passed away. If not, it’s possible to revive them and get them back on their feet.

The signs can include:

  • Wriggling
  • Short Breaths
  • Wing Movement

It’s also best to make sure if the baby bird is moving freely to place it back in the nest. Of course, you can check the baby bird’s health, but if it appears to be in good shape, you can simply place it back in the nest and observe the area in the coming days.

Please note, if you feel the bird is in danger then take it with you and keep it safe. This will vary from situation to situation.

What about dead baby birds on the ground?

There are several things a person can do with dead baby birds on the ground and it comes down to focusing on the root cause of their death.

This article will provide a few tips for those who end up finding dead baby birds on the ground and want to know what to do next.

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How To Remove Dead Baby Birds On The Ground

1. Never Touch Dead Bird With Your Bare Hands

After you have checked the baby bird has passed away, it’s time to dispose of the body. Leaving it out in the open is the wrong approach to take and may also expose the other baby birds to new predators.

This is why it’s recommended to quickly come and remove the baby bird from the area.

Before doing this, you have to make sure to not touch the baby bird with your bare hands. This is dangerous and is never the right approach to take even if the death was recent. Instead, put on heavy-duty gloves and make sure things are as safe as they need to be.

Experts Say...
Bacteria become a serious concern when a human touches dead birds because the body has been exposed to the elements.

Dead baby birds on the ground are always scary, but it’s recommended to stay patient and ensure you are as careful as possible.

If you don’t have heavy-duty gloves for dead baby birds, just use the bags that will be wrapped around the body.

This is just as effective, but you should look to find gloves if it’s possible to use them. This is easier and is going to enjoy nothing comes onto your skin.

After you have disposed of the body, make sure to wash your hands multiple times just in case!

dead baby birds on the ground

2. Wrap the Bird in Two Bags

With dead baby birds on the ground, you will want to dispose of them using two recyclable bags. It’s never recommended to use plastic bags as those are not good for the planet!

Look for 100% recyclable bags that can be wrapped around the dead baby bird.

Once you have those bags, you will want to make sure the bag isn’t torn and will wrap nicely around the body. Make sure it is intact once everything has been tied and it doesn’t open when you are moving it.

To appropriate dispose of the baby bird, it’s recommended to use at least two bags and then place it in the waste.

Using the right bags will go a long way in this process and will also make your life easier.

With dead baby birds on the ground, you have to be careful during the process. It’s the only way to ensure you are not endangering yourself or those around you by moving a dead baby bird.

dead baby birds on the ground

3. Place in the Trash Container

So, where are you going to put the dead baby bird once it is in the bag?

You will want to place it in a trash container. This is the best way to dispose of the baby bird as any other option will do more harm than good.

In most cases, dead baby birds would be eaten by predators and/or decay. In this case, since you are handling the dead baby bird, it makes sense to dispose of it sensibly.

This is where using a trash container is the way to go.

Final Thoughts

What should you do for dead baby birds on the ground?

You should take the time to make sure everything is safe and effective. This is essential for those who want to do the right thing and dispose of the dead baby birds safely.

Each situation is different, but the steps remain as listed above.

As noted before, if you do believe the birds are alive, please take the time to heal them and/or alert the relevant authorities.

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