How To Hang Apples For Birds (And What To Use!)

Want to know how to hang apples for birds?

Birds are interesting animals with unique dietary habits. They will fly around looking for good food that is rich in nutrients and easy to access.

If you have birds coming to your yard, it might be time to give them a little treat! This is when it’s time to learn how to hang apples for birds.

The benefits include:

  • Filled with Nutrients
  • Fresh
  • Ideal for Feeding Birds

Most people are going to go the traditional route when it comes to feeding wild birds in the yard. They will look to set up a quality bird feeder and fill it with bird seed. Yes, this is one way to go and there’s nothing wrong with it!

However, why not mix things up a bit and give the birds a treat? This is where the hanging apples for birds come into action.

Best Bird Seed for Hanging Apples (EDITOR’S CHOICE)

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Tips on How To Hang Apples for Birds Safely

Tip #1: Cut Apples in Half

Take fresh apples and cut them in half.

This is going to be the first part of the process. Once the apples are neatly cut into halves, you are going to begin digging out the core, so there is a hallow spot in the middle of the apple.

This is where you are going to be stuffing the bird seed later on!

When you are doing this, please make sure to wash the apples so they are clean. You don’t want the birds to have to eat contaminated apples as that is going to harm them and is an unnecessary mistake.

Just give the apples a quick rinse before getting started.

Experts Say...
Cutting the apples in half makes them easier to fill with bird seeds while still remaining easy to chew into for birds.

Once you have cut the apples and removed the core, it’s time to start prepping them for the next step.

As you learn how to hang apples for birds, you will have a few options at this point. Most people will look towards stuffing the apples with bird seed, but you can try other items.

It depends on the birds coming to your yard and what they prefer to eat. In some cases, you can even cover the apples with specific ingredients the birds enjoy.

how to hang apples for birds

Tip #2: Stuff Bird Seed Into The Cut Apples

For this particular example, you will want to focus on stuffing bird seed into the cut apples.

The hallow area that you have crafted will be home to these seeds. You are going to first place the bird seed inside the hallowed apple and then beginning stuffing the clump in with a knife or something solid.

Make sure the seeds aren’t falling out as soon as you walk away from the apple!

Bird seeds do wonders in attracting birds and will make them fly over to the hanging apples right away.

When done right, you will be able to move the apple around gently without the seeds falling.

After you have put them in the fridge, they will stick even as they are swinging in the air later on. This is why you want to do things properly, so you don’t have to worry about the seeds falling down into the squirrels’ hands below.

This is key as you figure out how to hang apples for birds.

Tip #3: Put in Fridge for 1-2 Hours

Once the bird seed has been put in the cut apples, you are going to put them on a small sheet pan. The idea is to have them spread out on the pan, so they can cool off in the fridge.

You want the apples to have a bit of firmness to them.

This will bode well for how well they do when hanging in the air. Remember, when you are hanging apples for birds in the yard, it’s these details that matter the most. You’re not just putting up the apples in a quiet, easy-going area that won’t be impacted by wind.

As a result, you have to make sure everything is firm and compact for the birds to enjoy.

how to hang apples for birds

Tip #4: Hang From a High Spot

Where are you going to hang the apples in your yard?

You will have a few options, but it’s recommended to go as high as possible without being close to a tree’s branches. This is how squirrels climb up and find a way to the apples.

Instead, you want to have them hanging about halfway from the branch and ground.

Experts Say...
Aviary covers can be useful in protecting the lovebirds at night and can be a useful solution to keep them at peace.

As you learn how to hang apples for birds, you will want to have a spot in mind beforehand.

Otherwise, you may end up preparing a meal for squirrels in the yard rather than the birds flying in!

Final Thoughts

This is what it takes to hang apples for birds in the yard.

Stay patient, make sure to find fresh apples, and ensure you are using 100% organic bird seed. This is how the apples are going to taste great just the way you want them to be!

As you learn how to hang apples for birds, you will want to think about where to hang them. Find a good, high spot and make sure the apples are safe until the birds arrive.

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