Do Pigeons Explode From Eating Baking Soda?

Do pigeons explode from eating baking soda?

Pigeons don’t explode from eating baking soda due to their body’s ability to regurgitate food. If the digestive system doesn’t welcome the food/drink, it will eliminate it orally before the substance enters a pigeon’s system.

This means a pigeon is not going to explode from eating baking soda. This is a myth!

So, what should you focus on when it comes to feeding a pigeon? There are quite a few variables at play, so you have to be careful, especially when hand-feeding a pigeon nearby.

The variables can include:

  • Type of Food
  • Amount of Food
  • Time of Day

If you are not taking these factors into consideration, it’s possible to end up giving pigeons the wrong type of food that’s dangerous for them.

Sometimes, the most dangerous foods are the ones a pigeon’s digestive system digests before the harm is caused.

This is rare, but it is something to account for when asking questions such as “Do pigeons explode from eating baking soda?”

This guide will take a look at answering “Do pigeons explode from eating baking soda?” while also shedding light on what to feed a pigeon and how to feed a pigeon safely.

Best Food for Pigeons (EDITOR’S CHOICE)

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Tips on How to Feed a Pigeon Safely

Tip #1: Use Bird Seeds

The safest food would be bird seeds, which can include something as simple as sunflower seeds. These are bird seeds, piegons will actively seek out in the wild and it is something they are going to be drawn to.

As a result, it makes sense to give them a small handful when it’s time to feed a pigeon nearby.

Why are bird seeds good for pigeons?

Pigeons get a long list of nutrients from these seeds and it’s easy for them to digest. This is why most pigeons look for similar foods whether this includes cracked corn, cereal grains, and/or barley to name a few.

Experts Say...
Always go with 100% organic bird seeds to ensure the pigeons aren’t eating harmful additives that won’t add value to their dietary intake.

A lot of people in this position don’t know what to do, but good sunflower seeds will go a long way.

You are going to see substantial results and you won’t have to ask questions such as “Do pigeons explode from eating baking soda?”

This is a win-win!

do pigeons explode from eating baking soda

Tip #2: Start with a Handful of Seeds

How many seeds are you going to give to the pigeon?

In general, it’s best to follow a set rule of thumb so you don’t go overboard. It’s common for a person to get overzealous with their feedings and just start pouring as much onto the ground as possible!

This is the wrong way to go as it will do more harm than good. Pigeons will overeat and that can lead to major health concerns including making them potentially easy prey for predators due to lethargy.

The average pigeon will need 30 grams of food to sustain itself during the day.

As a result, you should go with a simple handful of seeds per feeding.

This is more than enough to keep the pigeon happy without leading to major digestive issues.

Tip #3: Spread the Feedings

In most cases, you are only going to be feeding the pigeons once.

However, if there is a situation where you’re feeding the pigeons multiple times during the day, it’s best to just leave out the seeds and let them regulate the feedings.

You can have a bowl of seeds set out and go from there.

This is just as important as asking “Do pigeons explode from eating baking soda?” because you need to know how much the pigeons are eating at all times. If not, you can have a situation where you’re overfeeding through large-sized portions.

Keep things simple and only give the pigeons a handful and spread it throughout the day if necessary.

do pigeons explode from eating baking soda

Tip #4: Observe the Pigeons

You will have to do your homework when it comes to a pigeon’s eating habits.

Some pigeons will respond well to your feeding approach, while others aren’t. This is why you shouldn’t carelessly start throwing food at random pigeons hoping things work out!

This is more dangerous than you realize!

It’s better to take a step back and just give a handful of seeds to the pigeon. See how it responds in the coming days and go from there.

Experts Say...
It’s recommended to observe a pigeon’s feeding schedule over 1-2 weeks before making adjustments.

It’s a difficult change to make because you’re usually eager to give as much food to the pigeon as possible.

However, patience at this stage will go a long way in preserving the pigeon’s health.

Final Thoughts

“Do pigeons explode from eating baking soda?”

Pigeons are not going to explode from eating baking soda. However, this doesn’t mean you should start feeding baking soda and/or other similar items to your birds!

These things are dangerous and will lead to digestive issues if the pigeon’s body doesn’t respond well.

If you are someone that is serious about the pigeon’s health, look to use bird seeds. This is all you are going to need to keep them happy.

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