Do Pet Birds Poop Everywhere? (And How To Stop It!)

Do pet birds poop everywhere?

Birds will commonly poop wherever they feel best as is common in the wild. This often coincides with their eating schedule as they are more likely to poop after a healthy meal whether it’s indoors or outdoors.

If your pet bird tends to poop everywhere, it’s important to find a solution right away. Letting this continue for too long is going to create a real mess at home along with the unwanted odor!

So, how do you make a bird stop pooping everywhere?

It’s best to start by understanding specific variables around the bird’s pooping habits.

These include:

  • When the Bird Poops
  • How Often the Bird Poops
  • Where The Bird Poops

Once you have these answers, it becomes a lot easier to control their behavior even if it is difficult to potty train a bird at home.

A pet bird that is always outside the cage is a pet that is going to create issues. This is just a fact, especially early on when they are not trained well.

As a result, you have to show patience and come up with a plan.

For those asking “Do pet birds poop everywhere?”, this guide will help focus on what to do next, how to stop a bird from pooping everywhere, and why it’s best to control this behavior immediately.

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Tips on How to Stop Birds Pooping Everywhere

Tip #1: Keep The Bird in a Cage

When asking “Do pet birds poop everywhere?”, you want to focus on the basics.

A pet bird is going to poop everywhere, but why is this happening? In most cases, the real problem has to do with whether or not you’re letting the pet bird out all the time!

If you are, of course the bird is going to poop wherever it deems fit to do so! This is not the type of control you want to give your bird at any stage of its life unless the bird is trained!

Experts Say...
The average bird can be hard to potty train, which is why it’s recommended to keep them in a well-sized birdcage.

Instead, you want to take the time to keep the bird in a cage at home.

This will make it easier to control the bird’s pooping behavior while also letting it lead a healthy lifestyle. There are several ways of approaching this problem when asking “Do pet birds poop everywhere?” but this is the simplest and most effective.

By keeping a bird in a cage, you will eradicate most of your worries even when you leave the house.

Do pet birds poop everywhere

Tip #2: Observe Your Bird’s Poop Schedule

The timing of your bird’s pooping can go a long way in figuring out how to care for it.

A lot of bird owners prefer letting the pet bird fly around at home. This means you are going to be eager to find an answer to this problem immediately.

The only way to do this is to pay attention to your bird inside the cage. When does it like to poop? Is there a reasonable schedule you can follow?

Most birds will have a poop schedule and it’s best to work around this when letting them out for a fly.

By doing this, you will learn when to let the bird out and when not to.

If you don’t follow a schedule, the bird will continue pooping all over the place making a mess. This is why it’s best to stay patient and make sure you don’t have a bird pooping everywhere.

Tip #3: Restrict Their Flying Space

Is the bird getting an opportunity to fly all over the place at home?

This is something you can’t let happen with an untrained pet bird. They are going to take advantage of this and fly all over the place making a mess!

Be smart and restrict them to a single room near the birdcage. This will allow them an opportunity to fly back to the cage to relieve themselves.

If you are asking “Do pet birds poop everywhere?”, it’s best to start here. This will work well while still allowing the bird a chance to fly around and stretch its wings.

Do pet birds poop everywhere

Tip #4: Clean the Poop Right Away

Let’s assume the bird is pooping everywhere and you want to control the smell.

To do this, you should be using a world-class poop remover such as the one listed above. It’s essential to have something that can get rid of the stain and make sure the room doesn’t smell of bird poop.

This is key especially when the bird poops at home.

Experts Say...
A good poop remover will help keep the area clean making it easier to handle a bird pooping everywhere.

Whether the bird poops on the sofa or on the curtains, you need to have a good poop remover at home ready to go.

This will save you a lot of trouble because tissue paper won’t cut it!

If you are asking “Do pet birds poop everywhere?”, it’s time to start with this in your cupboard.

Final Thoughts

“Do pet birds poop everywhere?”

Indeed, birds are more than willing to poop everywhere they fly. This is just something that comes naturally to them, but they can be potty trained.

Potty training a pet bird isn’t easy, but it can be done with patience.

For the short-term, look at the advice that has been cited here to make sure you are not trending down the wrong path.

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