What Happens If I Stop Feeding Birds?

What happens if iI stop feeding birds?

Birds can cover a substantial amount of space by flying allowing them to scan far and wide for food. If you stop feeding birds in the yard, they will go elsewhere and find new sources of food.

However, it’s important to note, it can be difficult for birds to locate food easily during the winters. It can be more of a slog for them.

in the summer months, they will breeze through and find food just because of ample resources all around them. It is rare for a bird not to find food during the warmer months unless the area has been stripped down by humans due to construction.

If you are worried about the birds, look for specific signs.

These signs can include:

  • Dying Birds
  • Constant Fatigue
  • Numerous Birds Staying Near Your House

If birds are unwilling to move on, it might be a sign that it’s not easy for them to find food.

Of course, most will eventually fly elsewhere, but it can be a sign that you may want to put out bird food for them in a bird feeder.

For those asking, “What happens if I stop feeding birds?” it often comes down to what you want to do. Yes, it won’t be impossible for them to find food, but it does make it easier for them and that is a plus.

This article will help answer the question “What happens if I stop feeding birds?” and what to do about it.

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Tips on Feeding Birds Safely Outdoors

Tip #1: Install a Bird Feeder

If you are asking “What happens if I stop feeding birds?”, it’s best to start with the basics.

How have you been giving food to the birds? Are you just setting up a plate of seeds and hoping for the best? This is the wrong way to go about things!

You need to be smarter and make sure you are feeding birds safely outdoors. This can only be done with the use of a well-designed bird feeder for your yard or outdoor space. Otherwise, the bird is not going to be safe and it won’t work out at all!

Experts Say...
Birds have a much easier time eating using a bird feeder as it is higher up and simpler to access in all conditions.

What happens if I stop feeding birds?

You are going to get stuck in a situation where some birds linger around and others don’t. If you like specific birds and have bonded with them, it’s okay to feed the birds regularly. Just make sure they are eating from a bird feeder and getting the right type of bird food.

This will make sure they stay healthy over the long-term.

What happens if I stop feeding birds

Tip #2: Look at the Eating Patterns

It’s always smart to observe birds when it comes to feeding them in your yard.

You want to look at whether or not there’s leftover food at the end of the day. If not, this might be a sign that you are not putting out enough food or squirrels are getting into the bird feeder.

Regardless, you are going to have to find a solution for this problem.

Birds will often demonstrate whether or not they are eating well by hanging around the bird feeder despite the food running out.

You should always keep an eye on a bird’s eating habits.

In some cases, they might be overeating and that can be a sign of bad things to come too. Just find the right balance by taking regular measurements of how much food is in the bird feeder (if possible!).

This can go a long way in making the set up well-balanced and safe for the birds.

Tip #3: Hang the Bird Feeder From a Higher Spot

When asking questions such as “What happens if I stop feeding birds?” you have to think about how you’ve been hanging the bird feeder.

It might end up being the case where feeding the birds wasn’t working anyway!

You always want to hang the bird feeder from a high spot. This should be a tree or a hook that is higher up along the side of your house.

Otherwise, the birds are never going to get the chance to eat what you are putting out anyway!

What happens if I stop feeding birds

Tip #4: Protect the Bird Feeder at All Times

This is a major concern.

You have to realize that bird feeders are not always safe. There are times when squirrels and/or other animals are going to be clever enough to find their way to the bird seeds.

This means your birds are going to have nothing to eat regardless of what you are putting out!

Experts Say...
Squirrels and other similar animals are renowned for getting into bird feeders for a quick bite.

To protect the bird feeder, it’s recommended to use vaseline and/or some type of guard.

You should also protect the bird feeder by setting up a rain guard. This is going to make sure the bird seeds don’t get soaked before the birds get a chance to eat!

Final Thoughts

“What happens if I stop feeding birds?”

Most birds are going to fly away, while some are going to stay around for a few days. In most cases, the birds will adapt because that’s what life is all about.

However, you may not like the idea of leaving these birds to fend for themselves.

It’s always up to you, but it’s highly recommended to install a bird feeder in your yard for feeding birds. It’s simply better and faster.

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