Why is Female Budgie Not Sitting On Eggs (And What to Do Next!)

Why is your female budgie not sitting on eggs?

Female budgies may not sit on their eggs due to potential risks in their living arrangements (i.e. lack of food, temperature irregularities), which can cause them to panic and ignore the eggs.

It’s important to make sure the birdcage is appropriately suited to help your budgie with her eggs.

The wrong type of living setup is only going to make things worse and that is when your budgie will start acting up inside the birdcage. This can include doing things such as not sitting on the eggs.

What are some of the other signs you can see when a female budgie isn’t happy?

The signs can include:

  • Lack of Eating
  • Refusing to Move
  • Not Looking at the Eggs at All

With a female budgie not sitting on eggs, you are going to have to focus on her health along with protecting the eggs to the best of your ability.

It’s important to figure out what works and what doesn’t immediately.

This article is going to take a look at what to do with a female budgie not sitting on eggs and how to make sure the eggs are saved moving forward.

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Tips on Helping a Female Budgie Not Sitting on Eggs

Tip #1: Install a Nesting Box

The first thing you are going to do for a female budgie not sitting on eggs is to set up a nesting box.

The idea is to provide a safe spot for the eggs to stay warm in. This is a spot the female budgie would look to create on her own due to instinct, and it is something you are going to have to focus on inside the birdcage. If not, the budgie will not be happy about her eggs!

Look to get a sizable, easy-to-install nesting box for budgies.

This is going to make it easier to house the eggs and it will keep the budgie interested in handling the eggs too.

Experts Say...
A nesting box for budgies can be a good way to make breeding easier for budgies and will keep them happy inside the birdcage.

When you set up the nesting box for a female budgie not sitting on eggs, it’s time to move the eggs to the box too.

You will have to put them there and that is going to make it easier for the female budgie to get interested again. Make sure the nesting box is well-prepared and watch as the budgie changes emotionally.

You are going to see a happier, calmer mother bird.

female budgie not sitting on eggs

Tip #2: Increase the Temperature in the Cage

What is the temperature inside the birdcage right now?

You want to keep it at room temperature, so the budgie has enough warmth to hatch the eggs. This is a major hurdle and it can put off the budgie when it comes to caring for her eggs.

It’s essential to create a somewhat stable environment.

Female budgies tend to warm up the eggs throughout the process as it is important for them to hatch properly.

It’s not always easy to do and that is what holds people back, but it’s essential to look after what your budgie needs.

With a female budgie not sitting on eggs, it’s all about the little details.

This can include something as simple as the temperature fluctuations in the room. If it is hard to control, move the birdcage to a warmer space until the eggs hatch.

Tip #3: Reduce Traffic in the Room

The traffic in the room is going to play a role when it comes to keeping your budgie happy.

A female budgie not sitting on eggs inside the birdcage can often come down to foot traffic. Yes, foot traffic in the room can have a profound impact beyond what you think is possible!

Birds want to have a little bit of privacy when it comes to their eggs. They want to feel safe.

If there is too much movement around the birdcage, the mother bird is not going to feel safe. This can lead it to have an unwillingness to take care of the eggs!

While this is still rare, it is something you are going to want to account for.

It’s best to move the birdcage to a quieter part of the house, so the mother bird has enough time to sit on the eggs safely.

female budgie not sitting on eggs

Tip #4: Increase the Food Intake

How much food is the mother bird eating?

You will want to think about increasing the food intake by a little bit. Just a half scoop more is going to be enough to ensure both birds are happy.

The female budgie should have this type of dietary resource available in the cage when nesting.

Experts Say...
Female budgies start preserving food during this time, so giving extra food does make it easier for them to breed.

With a female budgie not sitting on eggs, you will have to think about different variables.

This includes the amount of food the mother bird is eating.

Start here and continue to monitor how your budgie does. Is she willing to eat more? Is she ignoring the food? These are details that can help you make adjustments with other variables including temperature and a nesting box.

Final Thoughts

This is what you have to think about with a female budgie not sitting on eggs.

Look to set up a good-quality nesting box, keep the temperature warm, and ensure you are not placing the cage in a high-traffic area.

These subtle changes will make your budgie happier.

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