How To Stop Birds From Pecking Window Screens

It’s important to learn how to stop birds from pecking window screens right away.

The experience can be unsettling whether it’s in the middle of the night or afternoon. You just don’t want to hear the “tick, tick” sound coming from the window because a bird continues to peck on it!

If it happens late at night, you won’t be able to sleep!

So, what do you need to know when it comes to learning how to stop birds from pecking window screens?

The first thing you are going to have to think about is the root cause. What are some of the issues that cause this type of behavior to happen?

The causes can include:

  • Location of the Bird’s Nest
  • Potential Food Sources
  • Lighting Near the Window

In some cases, homeowners are unlucky because the sun reflects off of the window and attracts birds. A lot of birds will simply move through an area without realizing the underlying concept of a “window.” For them, it is just another part of the living environment.

As a result, you have to figure out how to stop birds from pecking window screens.

Otherwise, they are not going to let up and it’s going to be a horrible situation to deal with!

This guide on how to stop birds from pecking window screens will showcase what works and how to set it up as soon as you are ready to get rid of the birds.

Best Solution for Stopping Birds From Pecking Window (EDITOR’S CHOICE)

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Tips on How To Stop Birds From Pecking Windows

Tip #1: Install a Bird Deterrent Right Away

This is a common sense solution and the first trick to have up your sleeve.

In essence, you are going to take reflective material that is specifically designed to deter birds. By installing this bird deterrent on your window, the birds will stop coming.

They won’t want to be near the window and that is going to get the job done for a while.

Experts Say...
Keeping windows away with reflective material is known to work well because they won’t want to stop near the window.

It’s recommended to keep tabs on the bird deterrent that has been installed. You want to make sure the reflective material is still in place year-round.

Sometimes, it can come undone and that is when the birds arrive again.

It’s best to learn how to stop birds from pecking window screens by installing this material. It is the first step towards a peaceful home environment without pecking birds.

how to stop birds from pecking window screens

Tip #2: Place Items Around the Window

What about placing large items on the window sill?

Yes, this is a surprising strategy that is often used in many parts of the world. The idea is to have a large item or two getting in the way of the bird.

It will come across as if the area is occupied and the bird won’t want to be around to take a chance. Remember, birds don’t want to risk injury and/or getting killed.

Large items on the window sill can work wonders in stopping birds from going near the window because it comes across as a risk.

When the larger items are there, this is going to have a great impact on the birds. They will look for other places to set up shop.

This is why you always want to set up items both inside and outside if possible.

This is how to stop birds from pecking window screens.

Tip #3: Darken the Window

This is more of a long-term, but expensive investment as a homeowner.

If you are dealing with birds pecking on your windows, it is time to find a way to stop this behavior for good. Now, you are not going to catch the birds, so what is the next best option? You are going to invest in darkening material for the windows.

It is all about tinting them a bit.

This is going to make it easier to regulate the bird’s behavior.

A lot of birds peck because they see a reflection. This is going to stop that type of behavior in its tracks.

how to stop birds from pecking window screens

Tip #4: Use a Fake Owl

Ever seen a bird fly near an owl?

It doesn’t happen because owls are deemed to be a predator. They don’t want to be around an owl because it is going to lead to massive risk that isn’t worth it!

So, how can you replicate this as a homeowner?

When figuring out how to stop birds from pecking window screens, you want to use a fake owl near the window sill and/or property. You can even set it up on the roof as a decorative item!

Experts Say...
Owls are seen as a threat for many types of birds, so they will stay away from them at all costs.

You will realize birds are just not going to come near the house. They won’t want to.

The owl is going to scare them away and it’s going to help keep other animals at bay too. Owls are great “scarecrows” when it comes to birds pecking on your home’s windows all the time.

Final Thoughts

This is how to stop birds from pecking window screens.

You will have to make sure to protect the windows and use proper deterrents. Whether this is reflective material, tinting, and/or a fake owl, it’s important to use multiple solutions.

This is how you are going to get rid of the pecking birds near your house. Otherwise, they are not going to relent at all!

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