How To Get Birds To Stop Chirping Outside (And What To Use!)

Want to know how to get birds to stop chirping outside?

In the past, chirping birds seemed like a fairytale of bliss and happiness. However, anyone that has to deal with chirping birds early in the morning before work/school knows how irritating it can be!

You don’t want to keep waking up because the birds are going crazy at 6 in the morning!

So, what do you do then?

There are several reasons for why birds chirp outside your window early in the morning making a tremendous amount of noise.

These reasons can include:

  • Placement of a Nearby Nest
  • Protection From Inclement Weather
  • Placement of a Nearby Tree

These are some of the reasons you have birds sitting outside making quite a bit of noise. When figuring out how to get birds to stop chirping outside, you need to know what is causing the issue.

In some cases, you are going to have an easy fix, especially if they are sitting on a window sill. However, there are times when it is much harder such as a nearby tree.

This guide will take a look at how to get birds to stop chirping outside along with what you should use to make the process easier.

Best Deterrent for Stopping Birds Near Windows (EDITOR’S CHOICE)

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Tip #1: Use a Bird Deterrent

A good starting point is to set up a quality bird deterrent near the window.

The right deterrent is going to keep the birds away. They won’t want to nest on the window sill and are going to find a “safer” spot that is devoid of any risk in their eyes.

Birds love to feel safe and that is something they covet when looking for a resting spot. A lot of the times, when you have a chirping bird to deal with, they have a nest nearby.

As a result, just take the time to set up the bird deterrent near your window and watch as they never come back!

Experts Say...
A good long-term solution is to set up a bird deterrent near your house/windows to keep the birds away for good.

This is an effective solution on how to get birds to stop chirping outside.

It simply works.

You are going to see an immediate change in the bird’s behavior and how it goes about chirping outside your window. In most situations, the effect is going to be instant and you are going to see a significant drop in the number of birds that are flying around your house.

how to get birds to stop chirping outside

Tip #2: Invest in Additional Window Insulation

Window insulation is never a bad idea.

The goal of doing this is to make sure the noise is silenced using something that is inside the house. The right curtains can do this as soon as they are installed.

By doing this, it doesn’t matter what the birds are doing outside.

The noise is going to get cancelled and you can rest easily in the morning without having to worry about the birds going crazy.

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Cutting outdoor noise using heavier window curtains is always recommended and does help cut noise significantly.

This is a simple solution that does work well.

It’s essential to make sure you are finding the right type of curtains that are designed to restrict noise. You don’t want a solution that cuts out light, but doesn’t do well with sound!

Tip #3: Place Bird Feeder Away From The House

Where is the bird getting its food in the morning?

Birds wake up and will start making quite a bit of noise via chirping. This is normal, which is why you are going to want to learn how to get birds to stop chirping outside.

In most situations, the birds are going to stay close to a viable food source.

If they are close to your house, this means the food source is also nearby. The goal is to provide a better food option with the installation of a bird feeder away from the property.

You can set it up at least 50-100 feet away.

This is going to restrict the noise because they won’t spend as much time around the windows.

how to get birds to stop chirping outside

Tip #4: Use a Scarecrow

When figuring out how to get birds to stop chirping outside, you are going to come up with a unique list of solutions.

Some are going to work, while others aren’t.

The goal remains to use a scarecrow or any other type of bird deterrent outside the house.

A scarecrow works because it is proven to provide results against a long list of birds.

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Experts Say...
Scarecrows have been used for generations with great effect especially when it comes to scaring birds away.

Birds just don’t want to be near something like this.

You can take advantage of this reality as you figure out how to get birds to stop chirping outside.

Final Thoughts

This is how to get birds to stop chirping outside.

Yes, the birds are going to be annoying and will wake you up every morning! This is why you want to take action, learn what works, and implement it right away.

Whether this is a bird deterrent outside the window or heavily insulated curtains, a viable solution is key.

If not, you are going to have to continue dealing with chirping birds outside your window in the morning and it won’t be a pleasant experience.

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