How Long For A Bird Stuck In Chimney To Die? (And How to Help!)

How long for a bird stuck in chimney to die?

A bird that’s stuck in the chimney will struggle to breathe and may start to panic due to its situation. Each situation is unique but most birds will struggle to survive past 48 hours.

This is why it’s essential to help the bird stuck in your chimney right away.

The more you wait, the worse it’s going to get for the bird. Eventually, it’s going to stop breathing and will faint due to the lack of oxygen inside.

The signs of an ill bird can include:

  • Struggling to Breathe
  • Trembling
  • Constant Flapping

When trying to figure out how long for a bird stuck in chimney to die, it’s better to pinpoint when these signs pop up.

If you notice one of these signs as you look into the chimney, the bird may be at the end of its life. This is why you have to take action right away and pull out all of the stops to make things work!

So, what do you do then?

This guide will look at how long for a bird stuck in chimney to die and what to do if you have a bird stuck in your chimney at home.

Best Chimney Broom to Free a Trapped Bird (EDITOR’S CHOICE)

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Tips on Helping a Trapped Bird in a Chimney

Tip #1: Use a Flashlight to Spot the Bird

Do you know where the bird is?

When thinking about how long for a bird stuck in chimney to die, it’s also important to consider where it is positioned to make a better guess.

If it is crammed right at the top, you are going to have a much easier chance freeing it from the top. On the other hand, if it is crammed more in the middle, you should work from inside the house.

Experts Say...
Understanding how and where the bird is trapped in your chimney remains an essential part of the process to get them free.

A flashlight is a must, so you can see inside the chimney and understand where the bird is stuck.

This includes how the bird is stuck. In some cases, you don’t want to touch it from the wrong spot and injure the bird that is trapped in your chimney!

Be diligent and do your homework before getting started on prying free the bird.

how long for a bird stuck in chimney to die

Tip #2: Use a Chimney Broom to Free the Bird

So, how are you going to get the bird free from being stuck in a chimney?

You will want to go out and buy a high-quality and specialized chimney broom for the task. The reason you want to use a chimney broom to free a trapped bird comes down to sizing.

The size of a chimney broom is perfect when handling a trapped bird. It’s faster, easier, and simply better!

Chimney brooms are noted for working well in tight spaces without damaging anything and will also keep the bird safe.

If you want to free the bird, you want to start with a soft chimney broom.

This broom is going to be inserted into the chimney and gently nudged against the trapped bird. You want to make sure it is a gentle push once you feel pressure.

Don’t do it hard and make sure you have already checked how the bird is positioned. You don’t want to hit the head. Instead, you want to target the mid-section of the bird and push it from there.

Tip #3: Use Water

Sometimes, a bird is going to get lodged to the point it’s difficult for it to budge.

This is a challenging situation to be in as you figure out how long for a bird stuck in chimney to die. You don’t want to have this happen, so it’s time to look for a viable solution.

A good option is to use liquid such as water.

This is going to make the surface slippery and will help push the bird out. In some cases, the bird will get out itself when you do this!

how long for a bird stuck in chimney to die

Tip #4: Set up a Bird Deterrent

Have you taken the time to set up a proper bird deterrent?

A bird deterrent is ideal when it comes to keeping the chimney bird-free throughout the year. This is so you don’t have to think about how long for a bird stuck in chimney to die

Instead, you can just set up the bird deterrent and move on with your life!

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Experts Say...
It’s highly recommended to invest in a world-class bird deterrent so birds don’t end up in the chimney once again.

The bird deterrent is going to work well and will keep the birds away from your chimney.

Whether it is in the summer or in the winter, you always want to keep the chimney clear of birds. This is only possible, when you are willing to take your time.

Final Thoughts

As you pinpoint how long for a bird stuck in chimney to die, it’s essential to focus on resolving the matter.

Yes, if the bird has been trapped there for more than two days then it will likely have passed away. It’s not a hopeless cause, but you are going to be fighting against odds.

When you do free the bird, make sure to give it a bit of water and food. It’s also smart to try to take it to an avian vet if possible.

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