Are Caged Pets Allowed In Apartments?

Are caged pets allowed in apartments?

Caged pets are allowed at the landlord’s discretion. If there is a “No Pets” policy in place, caged birds will be included in this agreement and cannot be brought into the apartment building.

It’s recommended to clear out these details well in advance with your landlord. Leaving these things to chance is never worth the hassle and can lead to eviction before you settle in!

When there is a “No Pets” policy in place, most landlords are quite strict about enforcing the clause. This means you should be prepared to deal with the consequences that come along with bring caged birds into an apartment when you are not permitted to do so.

For those asking, “Are caged pets allowed in apartments?” it’s best to understand why birds may not be allowed.

The reasons can include:

  • Too Much Noise
  • Potential Mess
  • Damage to the Apartment (When Let Out!)

As you can imagine, landlords don’t want to deal with bird-related damage inside an apartment. It’s just not worth it for them, especially when there are complaints about noise pollution too.

Does this mean all apartments are off limits? No.

There are many apartments that welcome birds and don’t have a strict policy in place. It’s up to you to do your due diligence and figure out whether or not caged birds are allowed inside the apartment building.

This article will help answer the question, “Are caged pets allowed in apartments?” along with what to do about making the apartment as bird-friendly as possible throughout the year.

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Tips on Raising a Bird in an Apartment

Tip #1: Buy a Safe Cage

The first thing you are going to do is buy a safe cage for your pet.

You want to make sure the bird has enough space to live inside the birdcage with freedom. There is nothing worse than cramping the bird’s space and not offering enough room to move around.

It’s already living in an apartment, which means you don’t have enough freedom to let it fly indoors. As a result, you want to make sure the birdcage has multiple perches and is equipped with quality bird toys.

Experts Say...
Birdcages are an essential component for building a safe living environment for your pet bird inside a small apartment.

It is changes like this that matter the most when asking “Are caged pets allowed in apartments?”

If you are allowed, you want to make sure the bird is treated properly and fairly.

There is nothing worse than dealing with a situation where the birds are not safe.

Are caged pets allowed in apartments

Tip #2: Set Up a Quality Air Purifier

The air inside the apartment is dangerous for both the bird and humans.

You don’t want to allow the air to continue to worsen because it will become difficult to stay healthy. You are going to notice the development of breathing issues and that can be taxing on the respiratory system.

As a result, you should look to install a quality air purifier for your apartment with birds.

Air purifiers can help remove contaminants from the air, which can do quite a bit of damage in apartments.

The air purifier will help keep the air clean.

With birds, this is a serious problem because they can leave quite a mess behind. Even inside the cage, they are going to pollute the air.

You need to have the air purifier set up immediately. It’s a must!

Tip #3: Increase the Number of Cage Cleanings

How often are you cleaning the birdcage in the apartment?

You want to increase the number of cleanings to the best of your ability. The reason for doing this is to make sure the air doesn’t get polluted due to dust and/or other bird-related messes.

Apartments are enclosed spaces for the most part, so you have to be careful about how the birdcage is maintained.

Are caged pets allowed in apartments

Tip #4: Don’t Let the BIrds Fly Inside the Apartment

Have you taken the time to let the birds flying around inside the apartment?

This is not a good idea!

You never want to let the birds fly inside the apartment. It’s unsafe and it is going to make a lot of noise, which your neighbors won’t like at all!

Experts Say...
Birds can make quite a bit of mess when allowed to fly indoors especially when it comes to apartments.

When asking “Are caged pets allowed in apartments?”, you should also focus on how to care for the birds in an apartment.

You don’t want to let them roam around freely.

It’s not ideal and it is never going to work out well in an apartment.

Final Thoughts

“Are caged pets allowed in apartments?”

Indeed, there are many apartment buildings that permit animals and don’t mind as long as you are paying on time and respecting others.

For example, if the birds are making too much noise at night, you are going to have to face consequences. Landlords that allow caged pets in apartments still have rules that you have to follow!

In other cases, there is going to be a “No pets” policy, which will of course included caged pets. It’s your responsibility to make sure to know what the rules are before signing on the agreement.

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