Why are Parakeets Fighting Until They Bleed? (And How to Stop It!)

Are your parakeets fighting until they bleed?

It’s a shocking sight because parakeets are known for getting along. In fact, parakeets are renowned for being gentle birds that will rarely fight with anyone or anything regardless of what’s happening around them!

So, why are your parakeets fighting until they bleed?

Parakeets will fight until they bleed due to restricted space in the cage, limited food, and/or boredom. In some cases, this behavior can lead to aggression and injuries.

It’s recommended to keep tabs on parakeets that are fighting and drawing blood. It’s a horrible sight and it’s a concerning one as well for this type of bird.

The signs of aggression can include:

  • Aggressive Posturing
  • Loud Squawking
  • Constant Clawing

If you start to notice this, it’s essential to make changes as soon as you can. Otherwise, you are going to have parakeets fighting until they bleed profusely.

This is not only dangerous, but it will have a psychological impact on both parakeets.

Be smart and stay out in front of a parakeet problem such as this one. If your parakeets are fighting, it’s time to resolve the issue right away.

This guide will help pinpoint how to stop parakeets fighting until they bleed and what to invest in as a parakeet owner.

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Tips on How To Stop Parakeets Fighting Until They Bleed

Tip #1: Invest in a Larger Birdcage

It’s essential to start with fundamental details such as the size of your current birdcage.

If a birdcage is too restrictive, it is going to start to cause dismay among your parakeets. Some will take it out on themselves, while others are going to try to occupy more space by targeting the other parakeet!

To deal with parakeets fighting until they bleed, you have to be proactive. A larger cage with more perches is a great starting point.

Experts Say...
Birdcages can become restrictive as the parakeets grow older and want a bit of space to rest in.

The larger cage will make it easier for the parakeets to find certain parts of the birdcage that’s their own. It can help simmer their emotions over the long-term.

Unfortunately, a lot of bird owners don’t think about this until the parakeets start fighting.

Always look to go with a larger birdcage that’s made for multiple parakeets.

Parakeets Fighting Until They Bleed

Tip #2: Set Up Separate Food Bowls

With parakeets fighting until they bleed, you have to look at food as a potential root cause.

It’s not always going to be the main cause, but it’s something to think about. You have to make sure the food bowls are separated, so both parakeets can eat.

Sometimes, this isn’t the main reason for the aggression, but it does become a part of the fight.

Food hoarding is always a concern with parakeets in limited spaces, which is why multiple food bowls always offer value in terms of a solution to this problem.

This is why it’s best to think about separating the food bowls.

Make sure to fill both food bowls and ensure your parakeets are eating evenly. Food hoarding is never good and is dangerous for your parakeet’s health.

This is a situation where you have to act immediately.

Tip #3: Have At Least 2 Perches in the Cage

With parakeets fighting until they bleed, you will need to think about how many perches are in the parakeet cage.

Sometimes, you may only have one large perch and that’s not good with quarrelling parakeets. They won’t do well in this type of situation due to their size.

Your goal should be to have at least 2 perches in the birdcage.

This will allow both parakeets an opportunity to rest in a certain part of the birdcage without interfering with each other. This alone can quell some of the anger that’s present between the two parakeets.

Parakeets Fighting Until They Bleed

Tip #4: Add Toys into the Cage

Have you though about adding bird toys into the parakeet’s cage?

Parakeets want to be entertained and that’s not always easy for bird owners. Sometimes, you get lazy and think the parakeets will keep each other company!

Of course, this can turn into two parakeets fighting until they bleed!

This is why you have to think about adding bird toys into a parakeet’s cage.

It’s a good way to keep them entertained without having to speed too much money. This alone is beneficial for those who are looking to nip this problem in the bud.

Experts Say...
Bird toys are a great way to keep your parakeets entertained, which will reduce their aggression towards each other.

What type of bird toys are good for parakeets?

Look towards adding hanging rope and/or ladders. These do well with parakeets and they do love interacting with them inside a birdcage.

Final Thoughts

Why are parakeets fighting until they bleed?

Parakeets will always fight when they feel anxious in the birdcage and that’s what you have to quell. Until you fix this problem, you are not going to be in a good spot as a bird owner.

The fighting will continue and it won’t be a pretty sight!

Your goal should be to increase the size of your birdcage and/or look to add toys. This is a must.

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