4 Funny Things To Teach Your Parrot To Say! (And What To Use for Training Parrots!)

Want to learn more about funny things to teach your parrot to say?

It’s not easy to train your parrot to say jokes, but you can definitely get them to lighten the moon from time to time. It’s all about having the right mindset and knowing what to get your parrot to say.

The goal is to know how to train your parrot.

This includes:

  • Understanding the Bird’s Ability
  • Going with Short Words or Phrases
  • Focusing on Repetition

When finding funny things to teach your parrot to say, it’s going to come down to these variables. As long as you are committed to the task and choose the right words/phrases, the results will be great.

Your parrot can be trained to be funny, but it has to start with a plan.

This little guide will list funny things to teach your parrot to say and how to train your parrot to be humorous.

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Funny Things to Teach Your Parrot

Saying #1: “Help! They Turned Me Into a Parrot!

This is a classic and it’s one that’s going to get everyone to laugh.

Imagine walking into a room and having a beautiful parrot say this out loud. It will come out of nowhere and it’s something that is going to make you smile from ear to ear right away!

Plus, it’s humorous enough to work for all ages.

To make sure you get the parrot to say it properly, it’s essential to start with “Help!” and go from there. This will allow you to nail down one part of the phrase before moving onto the next.

It will have to be broken down into smaller parts for your parrot to understand.

Experts Say...
Parrots will often respond well to shorter words that have 1-2 syllables.

After your parrot begins to understand each word, it’s time to roll through the entire saying.

Say it the way you want the parrot to mimic you. It will take a bit of time, but you have to be persistent. In most cases, parrots will pick up on those subtle tendencies that make a phrase come together.

Keep this in mind, so you see good results over the long-term.

funny things to teach your parrot to say

Saying #2: “Bombs Away!

This is a challenging one but it’s all about timing.

In essence, you want the parrot to say “Bombs away!” when it goes to relieve itself. Just the idea of a bird pooping and saying this is hilarious.

It’s among the more funny things to teach your parrot to say.

With this saying, you are going to have to focus more on timing then the words. You want the bird to understand this needs to be said when it is pooping.

Focusing on certain movements or timings can make it easier to get through to a parrot over the long-term.

To do this, you are going to wait until your bird is ready to poop.

During this period, you are going to start saying the phrase. Your bird will start to pick up on the timing eventually, but it will take a bit of time for that realization to set in.

Saying #3: “Ooh, La La!”

This is always funny and it’s going to crack anyone up.

It’s a saying that’s often said to someone beautiful that has walked into a room. Well, you are going to use the same scenario but have the parrot do it to the person.

It’s an enjoyable thing as it’s unexpected and can be used in a wide array of situations depending on how the parrot feels.

As you go through funny things to teach your parrot to say, this will stand out.

Just make sure you are taking the time to say the phrase with the same tone you want from your parrot. This means enunciating the words properly.

Since this is a shorter saying, it will be easier for the parrot to mimic.

It’s essential to think about this when looking for hilarious sayings to teach your parrot at home.

funny things to teach your parrot to say

Saying #4: “That’s It. I’m Calling the Cops!”

This is another funny one that is going to make everyone giggle.

Imagine a lot of people are talking in the room and then your parrot comes out with this chirp. It’s one that is going to make everyone stop and enjoy the moment.

This is why you want to have this saying up your sleeve when training your parrot. It’s a great one that will make everyone laugh.

Experts Say...
Situational jokes are always a great way to go with parrots as they are clever enough to pick up on subtle cues.

With funny things to teach your parrot to say, it’s all about breaking things down.

In this case, you will have two sentences to work with.

Start with the first part of this saying and then work on the second. Your parrot will have a much easier time learning it like this.

Final Thoughts

With funny things to teach your parrot to say, you want to find gems that are going to work in a wide array of situations.

Remember, don’t underestimate what your bird can say.

Parrots can say funny things as long as you are willing to train them. Over time, they are going to mimic you and pick up on certain cues.

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