Detailed Celestron Cavalry 10×50 Review (And How It Works for Birding!)

This Celestron Cavalry 10×50 review will take a look at one of those binoculars that have grown in stature due to their list of features.

However, at Born for Pets, the goal is to assess whether or not these binoculars are even worth it in real life! Should you take the time to invest in the Celestron Cavalry 10×50 for bird watching?

This Celestron Cavalry 10×50 review is going to have all the answers.

Before doing this, let’s take a look at what the review is going to consider. There are certain variables that play a role in your bird watching experience when it comes to using the right type of binoculars.

The variables include:

  • Dependability
  • Performance in Different Conditions
  • Durability
  • Ergonomics

This Celestron Cavalry 10×50 review is going to assess all of these variables and more.

If you are thinking about getting the Celestron Cavalry 10×50 for birding, you want to know what it brings to the table.

This Celestron Cavalry 10×50 review will take a look at what the product is all about, its pros, cons, and whether or not you should go down this path in the first place.

Celestron Cavalry 10×50 Binoculars (EDITOR’S CHOICE)

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Pros of Celestron Cavalry 10×50

Pro #1: Impressive Clarity

It’s essential to think about clarity when it comes to overall performance.

If there is no clarity, the binoculars become a waste of time and impossible to use for bird watching. Based on performance metrics used for this Celestron Cavalry 10×50 review, the clarity is impressive.

It can cover extensive distances without breaking a sweat and is perfect for keeping up with flying birds.

Experts Say...
The 10×50 optical magnification is a noted winner among birdwatchers due to its performance in different conditions without a sudden drop in clarity.

This performance is amplified when you are working in wet conditions as it rains.

Most binoculars become unusable as soon as it starts pouring. However, in this case, you are getting a set of binoculars that will breeze through heavy rain without breaking a sweat.

This is essential and a major plus point for this Celestron Cavalry 10×50 review.

Celestron Cavalry 10x50 review

Pro #2: Tremendous Build Quality

What about the build quality?

The reason the Celestron Cavalry 10×50 is good for bird watching has to do with the build quality. This is where the plus points start to shine through for birding purposes.

You are going to use it roughly from time to time even with the best of intentions. This is just a part of life. However, this is going to hold up well.

Binoculars go through rigorous use and it’s essential for them to last for a long time while bird watching making build quality a necessary requirement.

The outer shell is robust and doesn’t crack easily.

You will know it’s going to work well as soon as you put it to use and that’s fascinating. It is waterproof and perfect for those who want to keep using it in all conditions.

Pro #3: New-Age Smartphone Integration

Using it with a smartphone is always beneficial when it comes to storing your birding experiences.

In the past, this wasn’t always possible, but Celestron has given you the opportunity to hold onto those memories. With smartphone integration using the adapter, you can quickly and seamlessly take pictures using the binoculars.

You can quickly hook the adapter to the binoculars and then set up your smartphone to take pictures. It’s a joy to behold and one of the more underrated qualities of these binoculars.

Celestron Cavalry 10x50 review

Pro #4: Well-Designed for Bird Watching and Handling

For this Celestron Cavalry 10×50 review, it’s also important to dig into the ergonomics.

If you want something that is easy to handle then it’s best to start here. At this price point, you are getting the real deal and it’s excellent for bird watching.

Experts Say...
Ergonomics play a critical role in how the binoculars do when it’s time to go bird watching.

Even when you are on the move, the Celestron Cavalry 10×50 will hold up well.

It’s going to remain compact in your hands and the general build quality won’t let you down either. Everything is made to appeal to birdwatchers and that’s what allows it to shine.

Cons of Celestron Cavalry 10×50

Con #1: Average in Closer Distances

One of the concerns with the Celestron Cavalry 10×50 has to do with its in-close results.

Yes, it does exceptionally well across fields because of the Bak4 Prisms and fully multi-coated optics, but what about birds that are nearby?

The clarity is not as substantial and it does let you down at times.

In most cases, you are going to want to stay far away to enjoy the experience more. Of course, you can make small adjustments and still enjoy the birdwatching session as the birds stay close.

It’s just a hurdle that you don’t like dealing with most of the time.

Celestron Cavalry 10x50 review

Con #2: Below-Par Cover for Lens

Another con for this Celestron Cavalry 10×50 review involves the cover.

Yes, the cover is not fun to use.

It’s not as robust and it doesn’t stay in place at times. When there is a bit of rain around, you might start to realize how difficult it is to keep the cover where it needs to be.

Experts Say...
The finer details always matter when it is time to judge the merits of binoculars due to the standard set in the industry among competitors.

This is tedious at times, especially when you are in a rush.

The idea of fiddling around with the lens cover is unappealing and it is a design flaw for Celestron.

Final Verdict

In the end, this Celestron Cavalry 10×50 review shows the value of a high-grade product that has been made well and performs beautifully for bird watching.

If you are into birding and want budget-friendly binoculars then it’s time to start here.

The general quality and performance won’t let you down.

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