Can A Parrot Fly? (And How To Train Them!)

Can a parrot fly?

Parrots can fly and will often travel long distances in the wild racking up millions of miles over the course of their lives.

With pet birds including parrots, it’s essential to keep their natural instincts refined. This is easier said than done as they are often cooped up in a birdcage all day long without getting an opportunity to flex their wings.

However, if you do take the time to teach your parrot how to fly, it is possible for them to rekindle their love for opening their wings and soaring around.

The benefits of this include:

  • Improved Psychological Health
  • Keeps the Wings in Good Shape
  • Good For The Bird’s Cardiovascular Health

It’s not always possible to help a parrot fly long distances, but it is possible to train a parrot to fly short distances around the house.

As you ask, “Can a parrot fly?” it’s important to understand whether or not you are doing everything in your power to train them.

This guide will help take a look at the question, “Can a parrot fly?” while also teaching you how to train a parrot to fly around the house safely.

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Tips on How To Train a Parrot To Fly

Tip #1: Use a Safe Bird Harness

If you are asking, “Can a parrot fly?” it’s important to start with the right equipment in hand.

Yes, training a parrot how to fly at home is easy. It’s all about making sure you are going out and finding a good bird harness for parrots.

As long as you do this, the bird harness is going to make it easier to control where your parrot flies whether it’s indoors or outdoors.

Experts Say...
Bird harnesses are a good way to reel your parrot in when it starts to overdo things indoors or outdoors.

A bird harness is great for several reasons. You are going to be getting a straightforward tool for training your parrot how to fly and it’s going to provide peace of mind at the same time.

You will know if things do go wrong, you will have the ability to bring the parrot back closer to you.

This alone is great when you are just getting the parrot used to flying from one place to the next. Over time, both of you will build confidence but until then it’s best to use a good bird harness for parrots.

Can a parrot fly

Tip #2: Start Indoors

Don’t take your parrot and head for the park!

This is the wrong approach to take and is dangerous. You have to make sure to start indoors when asking “Can a parrot fly?” because that is essential for seeing good results.

Too many people don’t start indoors and then wonder why their parrot is flying all over the place!

Don’t let this happen and make sure to start in the same room as the birdcage.

Indoor flying training for parrots is the way to go as it helps ease them into the idea of flying around from place to place.

Just see what your parrot does when the cage door opens.

Does the parrot exit and fly calmly? Is it hesitant? Does it come straight to your shoulder?

Each detail is going to matter when it comes to learning more about your parrot and its willingness to fly around. Focus on this when asking questions such as “Can a parrot fly?” because that’s what matters most.

Tip #3: Focus on Short Flying Sessions

Just like it’s important to start indoors when teaching a parrot how to fly safely, you also have to take the time to ease them into longer sessions.

For a parrot that rarely flies, a simple 10-15 minute session is great.

This is more than enough to keep the bird happy and healthy. If you overextend them, it’s possible for the parrot to get tired and get hurt.

Can a parrot fly

Tip #4: Use Bird Treats as Incentive

When asking “Can a parrot fly?”, it’s also important to figure out how to train your parrot to fly properly.

It’s not just about letting the cage door open and hoping for the best! This is not going to work as well as you think it should.

A lot of parrots aren’t going to want to fly. It is just not something they are used to.

Experts Say...
Incentives are great especially with a parrot that’s hesitant and/or doesn’t want to fly as much.

As a result, you are going to have to ease the parrot into flying around.

How do you go about doing this without worrying the parrot or causing it harm?

The best option is to use parrot treats as an incentive to train your parrot how to fly.

Final Thoughts

Can a parrot fly?

Indeed, parrots are known for flying around in the wild and it comes naturally to them like most other birds. They are even capable of going across long distances if that’s the need of the house.

A lot of parrots will fly millions of miles as a way to get to where they need to be.

Of course, the same doesn’t apply to pet parrots because they are often stuck in a birdcage. This is why it’s your responsibility to open things up for them and teach the parrot how to fly.

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