Can Budgies Survive In The Wild?

Can budgies survive in the wild?

Budgies are not bred to survive in the wild and their aesthetically pleasing traits (i.e. colors) can become a significant risk out in the open.

Over the years, budgies have been selectively bred to retain specific features. While these qualities are beautiful, appealing, and sought out by budgie owners, these features don’t lend well to life out in the wild.

Budgies may survive for a few months due to instinct but are eventually going to die or lose energy. This is why it’s never recommended to let your budgie out into the wild assuming it will survive. In most cases, this is nothing more than a death sentence!

The reasons include:

  • Noticeable Colors for Predators
  • Like to Live in Larger Flocks
  • Can’t Adjust to Most Climates

Let’s assume you have a budgie that is currently residing indoors in a colder climate. While they can do well indoors, they are not going to survive more than a few days outdoors!

This is why it’s essential to understand how budgies are bred when asking questions such as “Can budgies survive in the wild?”

This guide will help answer the question “Can budgies survive in the wild?” along with pinpointing how you can let your budgie outdoors in a controlled fashion to keep them happy.

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Tips on How to Let Budgie Fly Outdoors

Tip #1: Use a Good Bird Harness

Let’s assume you want to take your budgie outdoors for a bit of flying.

This is a wonderful opportunity to get them into the cool breeze outdoors while having fun at the same time. Your budgie isn’t going to mind the idea as long as you are present and it doesn’t end up venturing out too far.

So, how do you go about doing this?

You will want to buy a good bird harness for budgies that will keep them securely in place. This is the only way to have peace of mind during the process while knowing your budgie won’t get overeager and start flying recklessly.

Experts Say...
Bird harnesses are one of the best ways to manage your budgie’s flight time indoors/outdoors while keeping them healthy and happy.

To the surprise of many bird owners, budgies do get excitable when outdoors. There is a sudden rush to their senses that will cause them to want to look at different things while flying.

This is great but it is also unsafe without a bird harness.

Make sure the bird harness is securely on your budgie before getting started. This will keep the budgie safe while flying outdoors.

Can budgies survive in the wild

Tip #2: Only Go Out During Warmer Days

If you are asking “Can budgies survive in the wild?” it’s going to come down to the weather conditions, especially if a bird harness is put on.

While a budgie won’t do well in the wild on its own, it can do well as long as you are there with a bird harness. Of course, you will have to make sure to go out in the spring/summer when the weather won’t be a problem.

Budgies prefer the warmer weather and that’s what their body is built for.

Warmer days are highly recommended for budgies to make sure they don’t fall ill due to the sudden change in temperature.

If it is cold outdoors, it might be better to wait until it warms up.

Your budgie isn’t going to do as well when the temperature drops nor is it going to be happy to be outdoors!

Keep things simple and alleviate this issue by only taking your budgie out during the warmer months.

Tip #3: Start with Letting Them Out Indoors

It’s best to start indoors.

You want to test their flight habits/patterns by seeing what they do inside an enclosed space. Just open the cage door and see what the budgie does.

It might fly around a bit and then come back. This will show you how confident the budgie is in its environment outside the cage.

This can also make it easier to adjust moving forward when you do take the budgie outdoors for a bit of flying.

Can budgies survive in the wild

Tip #4: Don’t Rush the Process

Rushing the process is never a smart idea.

You will always want to start slowly and methodically with your budgie. If you are asking questions such as “Can budgies survive in the wild?” then you are already on the right path.

It’s essential to ask these questions and educate yourself on what to do next.

Experts Say...
Budgies will have to be eased into any change such as this and it needs to always be with a high-grade bird harness.

If you delay things, it will get to the point where you are not going to see appropriate results and your budgie will become stressed out.

Start slowly and just let the budgie out inside an enclosed space. Do this for a few days and then start putting on a bird harness.

The budgie needs to get used to these variables before it ever flies outside.

Final Thoughts

“Can budgies survive in the wild?”

The average budgie is not designed to fly outside on its own and will eventually get hurt. This is a flock bird, which means if it ever were to be outdoors on its own, it would need to have a flock of birds nearby to stay safe.

Otherwise, the budgie isn’t bred for surviving outdoors and would end up in a predator’s line of sight quickly.

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