Tips For Putting New Decorations In An Aquarium (And What To Buy!)

Putting new decorations in an aquarium can be fun and complicated at the same time.

Your top priority is always going to be the aquarium’s ecosystem and your fish. Everything else comes second and rightly so!

Keeping this in mind, you will want to think about developing a plan before putting new decorations in an aquarium. This includes taking the time to understand where the decorations are going to go, which aquarium decorations you’ll buy, and what to consider beforehand.

The benefits of doing this include:

  • Doesn’t Impact the Water Quality
  • Keeps the Fish Entertained
  • Aesthetically Appealing

You should always focus on finding the right balance when it comes to putting new decorations in an aquarium. Don’t go through the motions and/or try to force new aquarium decorations into your setup.

It’s best to choose 1-2 decorations and then place them inside the aquarium.

This can be a good starting point and will let you better understand what’s needed next.

This guide is going to showcase what to consider when putting new decorations in an aquarium along with what’s recommended for you to buy.

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Tips for Putting New Decorations in an Aquarium

Tip #1: Go for a Centerpiece First

What is going to be the show-stopper for your aquarium?

There has to be a centerpiece and that’s going to be set the tone for everything else. A lot of aquarium owners try to buy random decorations and place them all over the place.

This is great but it’s also ineffective!

You should have a centerpiece whether it’s the castle shown above or something else. Find an aquarium decoration that’s in line with your needs and make sure it allows everything else to fall into place.

The benefits include:

  • Sets the Right Tone
  • Stands Out
  • Adds Value to the Other Decorations Too

By doing this, you are going to find it easier to build around a central theme.

Never toss random decorations into an aquarium. This won’t work and it’s going to look awful!

Take your time and invest in a quality centerpiece and go from there. This should be great for your fish and make the tank look ten times better too!

putting new decorations in an aquarium

Tip #2: Add Aquatic Plants (Live or Fake!)

When putting new decorations in an aquarium, you are going to want to consider greenery.

Mimicking a fish’s habitat is all about aquatic plants. This is something they are going to be used to having around them and it has to be a part of your layout too.

Otherwise, you are not going to enjoy the look at all!

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The aquatic plant such as the one shown above is a wonderful addition to any aquarium.

It’s something the eye is going to expect and it will round out everything else. When you don’t take the time to do this, you end up missing out on the quality necessary to elevate your aquarium’s appearance.

Start with a good set of aquatic plants and make sure they’re put into the base of your aquarium.

Tip #3: Use Glowing Aquarium Decorations

Do you have a decoration that lights up a bit?

Glowing aquarium decorations are always fun because they’re captivating! You are going to catch a person’s eye and it will look awesome during the night.

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These decorations are perfect because they are unique and are something a person may not expect to see when they peer into an aquarium.

When putting new decorations in an aquarium, you will always want to go with a well-rounded plan. This includes mixing and matching tones, lights, and more.

With the right colors, you are going to notice a change in how the aquarium looks with new decorations.

putting new decorations in an aquarium

Tip #4: Set Up Aquarium Rocks

Rocks are just like aquatic plants when putting new decorations in an aquarium.

You are going to want to mimic what the fish are going to be used to and that starts with the basics. This includes things such as aquatic plants and rocks.

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If you don’t put beautiful rocks along the base, you are missing out!

This is something that will make your fish happier and it’s going to be natural to the environment they expect to live in.

You can mimic this with ease using high-grade aquarium rocks.

Take the time to go through each detail and spread these rocks along the bottom of your aquarium. By doing this, it will look beautiful and you are going to enjoy the change.

This is one of those aquarium decorations that will make a difference and is going to appeal to the naked eye too.

Final Thoughts

When putting new decorations in an aquarium, you are going to have a few decisions to make.

Some will want to go with aquarium rocks, while others will prefer a centerpiece with nothing around it. This is where personalization comes into the equation and it’s something you will want to account for.

Sit down and create a layout of what you are going to use to decorate the aquarium and where each item is going to go.

This information has to be in your hand before you buy anything!

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