Guide On Hanging Aquarium Lights From The Ceiling (And Which Lights To Buy!)

Is it time to start hanging aquarium lights from the ceiling?

It seems like a straightforward task, but there are certain details a fish tank owner has to keep in mind. Remember, you are not only adding the aquarium light to your room, but also changing a variable in the tank’s ecosystem.

This is why it has to be done the right way!

The benefits of aquarium lights are great and something you are going to be proud of once you’ve installed everything.

These benefits include:

  • Increased Visibility
  • Ideal for Aquatic Plant Growth
  • Mimics Living Conditions in the Wild

When you are hanging aquarium lights from the ceiling, it’s essential to understand positioning, light projection, and how everything impacts the living organisms in your fish tank. It’s these details that are going to matter as you hope to change the outlook of your setup.

A lot of people find this difficult to do and that’s what holds them back.

This guide on how to start hanging aquarium lights from the ceiling will offer tremendous insight on what works and which lights are best for your setup.

Best Hanging Aquarium Light for Fish Tanks (EDITOR’S CHOICE)

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Tips on Hanging Aquarium Lights From The Ceiling

Tip #1: Use a Mounted Hanging Light

Mounted hanging lights over the aquarium are best.

These lights tend to age gracefully, look aesthetically pleasing, and are easier to set up. With dangling aquarium lights, you are going to deal with the risk of something falling and/or not working properly.

Coverage is essential and with a mounted hanging light, you are going to see better results.

There are multiple benefits of hanging aquarium lights from the ceiling, but there are additional advantages of going with a mounted version. This is going to be perfect for the average setup and it’s going to be easier to put together too.

These benefits include:

  • Stable Positioning
  • Easy to Set Up
  • Eliminates Durability Issues

If you are thinking about hanging aquarium lights from the ceiling, buy a mounted light that is going to be easy to install and will settle into the wall.

These lights offer amazing coverage, look great, and are going to allow you to adjust the fish tank and keep it in place without having to make major adjustments.

Hanging Aquarium Lights From The Ceiling

Tip #2: Choose the Right Size

The right size is going to play a tremendous role when it comes to sustainable results.

Imagine having a 20-gallon fish tank and then realizing the light is only hitting 50% of the tank! This is going to produce awful results and it won’t look good either.

It’s imperative to focus on an aquarium light that is going to reach all the way to the bottom of your fish tank once it’s turned on.

For an aquarium light to work well, it needs to provide ample coverage from top to bottom beginning with choosing the right size. This is the only way to maximize performance.

Too many hanging aquarium lights from the ceiling just don’t offer amazing value.

They don’t go as deep as you want them to and that holds you back. It’s better to go with something straightforward that is always going to provide impressive coverage once it’s turned on.

Tip #3: Angle the Light Directly Over the Fish Tank

The light’s positioning is going to matter during the installation phase.

In essence, you are going to want to have it right on top of the fish tank. It shouldn’t be coming from the side as that’s not going to offer real value.

When hanging aquarium lights from the ceiling, you should angle the light directly over the fish tank for improved performance.

Studies have shown aquarium lights from the top offer the best living conditions for fish. Of course, this is assuming you are going out and buying the right aquarium lights for your fish tank setup.

As long as you do this, the aquarium lights are going to be a real game-changer and will look great from all angles.

Hanging Aquarium Lights From The Ceiling

Tip #4: Maintain a Distance of 2+ Feet

What is the distance between your light and the fish tank?

You want to measure from the top of the fish tank directly to the base of the light. This is going to be the gap that is being mentioend here.

In general, you can get away with one foot, but you should look to have at least 2-3 feet between the bottom of the light and the top of your fish tank.

Why is this important?

It provides better coverage and it won’t warm up the water to the point of no return.

These are key details that matter when it’s time to start hanging aquarium lights from the ceiling.

Final Thoughts

When hanging aquarium lights from the ceiling, your main goal should be to install it the right way.

This means you want to think about the fish and how they are going to live inside the changed aquarium. If they are going to be unsafe then it’s not installed properly.

Look to maintain at least 2 feet of distance between the light and water, while also making sure you are going with the right type of aquarium lights for your setup.

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