How To Remove Cat Litter Stuck To Bum (And How To Stop It From Happening!)

Want to learn how to remove cat litter stuck to bum?

It’s not a sight you are going to want to see, but it can happen depending on the cat’s behavior. Some cats will take the time to nestle into the litter box, which can lead to issues such as this popping up.

With cat litter stuck to bum, it’s important to act right away.

Otherwise, you are going to have the mess being dragged throughout the house. This is concerning, since you don’t want anything from the litter box coming into other parts of the house!

There are specific reasons for why this happens.

The reasons can include:

  • Rolling in the Cat Litter
  • Spending Too Much Time in the Cat Litter
  • Wrong Type of Cat Litter

With cat litter stuck to bum, your top priority has to be to focus on long-term results.

You want to find a solution that is not only going to help remove the cat litter, but also make sure the cat doesn’t have the same problem later on.

This guide is going to teach you how to remove cat litter stuck to bum and what to do moving forward.

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Tips On How To Remove and Stop Cat Litter Stuck To Bum

Tip #1 – Wash the Cat in the Bath

With cat litter stuck to bums, you want to think about the short-term first.

Yes, it’s always important to focus on long-term strategies for keeping the cat’s bum clean, but get rid of the stench before doing anything else! Otherwise, you are going to have the house stinking up because the cat will spread the odor everywhere.

It’s best to take the cat and put it in the bathtub as soon as possible.

The reasons include:

  • Complete Cleansing of the Cat’s Fur
  • Removes the Lingering Odor
  • Easier Solution for Cat Owners

This is the best way to make sure the fur remains clean and the rest of your house doesn’t smell like cat litter. This is a real concern when something like cat litter gets stuck to the cat’s bum.

You have to do your due diligence when buying the cat litter, but it starts with a simple solution such as rinsing the cat’s fur.

Once the cat is clean, it’s time to start focusing on a long-term solution to stop this problem right away.

Cat Litter Stuck To Bum

Tip #2 – Change the Cat Litter Right Away

It’s time to buy non-sticky cat litter such as the one listed above.

It’s all about making sure the cat litter isn’t going to make it easier for the cat to roll in it. Remember, sometimes a cat doesn’t mean it, but their bum is going to touch the cat litter! It’s just normal and something that can happen to any pet.

As a result, you want to make sure to change the cat litter so it doesn’t stick to the fur as easily.

Many brands focus on this because they realize it is a requirement for cat owners.

Changing the cat litter is essential when it comes to making sure the problem doesn’t persist for too long.

By purchasing the right type of cat litter, you are going to reduce this problem significantly.

It won’t be as easy for the cat to simply touch the cat litter and end up with half of it settled in the fur!

Make immediate changes with cat litter stuck to bum, so you don’t have to worry about it over the long-run. Yes, it’s easy to assume things will work as planned, but sometimes you are going to want to be proactive and start here.

Tip #3 – Set up a Maintenance Routine

Do you have a maintenance routine for the cat litter box?

A lot of cat owners are slow to make adjustments and/or just do things based on feel. Yes, this may work when the cat is super clean, but what happens when the cat isn’t or has rolled in the litter box? You will have to take action and it starts here.

You need to set up a complete maintenance routine with a set timeline throughout the week. This is the only way to make sure the litter box is fresh and clean so it doesn’t linger in the cat’s fur when contact is made.

A maintenance routine is beneficial when it comes to stopping issues such as seeing cat litter stuck to bum.

A change such as this is key with cat litter stuck to bum.

If you are not willing to do this, you are always going to have one issue or another crop up. This is why more and more cat owners take the time to prevent trouble through comprehensive maintenance routines.

Make the change and create a habit that’s easy to follow. It’s the only way!

Cat Litter Stuck To Bum

Tip #4 – Change the Litter Box’s Location

Where is the cat’s litter box right now?

You want to change the location because your cat may spend too much time inside the litter box. There is a certain level of comfort that can develop for cats and it’s not healthy.

You need to make sure they are only using the cat litter box as a place to relieve themselves.

Otherwise, with cat litter stuck to bums, the problem is going to persist because the cat continues to rest in the same spot.

Final Thoughts

Is it time to figure out how to remove cat litter stuck to bum?

If you are dealing with this problem, it’s best to change the cat litter, set up a maintenance schedule, and change the location of the litter box.

It’s these changes that are going to yield good results and ensure things work out as you want them to.

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