My Cat Peed On My Bed While I Was Sleeping! (And How To Stop It!)

My cat peed on my bed while I was sleeping!

This is a frustrating sight at the best of times. You never want to have to deal with urine-filled bed sheets and the resulting odor.

However, this is a part of life with certain cats, especially younger ones. If you are dealing with this situation right now, it’s time to focus on what is causing the cat to pee on your bed at home.

The signs can include:

  • Digging into the Bed
  • Constantly Staying in the House
  • Marking Other Parts of the House with Pee

Your goal should be to come up with a solution to get rid of this type of behavior. Don’t assume the status quo is going to work and the cat will grow out of it!

This won’t happen and you are going to end up in a tough spot with no way of stopping it.

This guide is going to help those saying, “My cat peed on my bed while I was sleeping!” and want to find a viable solution for their kitty.

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Tips To Consider If My My Cat Peed On My Bed While I Was Sleeping

Tip #1 – Set Up Pee Pads in the House

If you are saying “My cat peed on my bed while I was sleeping!” then it’s time to set up pee pads right away.

Pee pads are easy to use, accessible, and are going to keep your house clean. In general, you can set up these pee pads around the house as a way for the cat to relieve itself.

Sometimes, the cat isn’t going to be near the litter box, so it’s going to start spraying everywhere. Instead of letting this happen, you can set up the pee pads as an alternative option.

After a while, your cat is going to get used to using the pee pad, especially if you take the time to train it!

The benefits include:

  • Ideal for Larger Houses
  • Helps Regulate the Cat’s Instinct
  • Easy to Use

As a cat owner, you are going to have to try different solutions to eradicate this behavior. However, sometimes, the cat is just going to continually refuse your efforts.

This is why using pee pads is a good option to implement right away.

These pee pads are going to be good rest spots for the cat and will make it harder for the cat to spray different parts of the house including your bed!

My cat peed on my bed while I was sleeping

Tip #2 – Change Pee Pads Regularly

It’s one thing to buy pee pads for your cat, but another to make sure they are clean.

Too many cat owners assume setting up the pee pads is enough to get rid of this problem. Sure, it’s going to work at first, but eventually your cat isn’t going to like urinating/spraying in an unclean spot.

In some cases, the cat is going to think the territory is already marked!

This is why you have to work against the cat’s instinct and make sure it continues to head over to the pee pad as often as possible.

An unclean pee pad is going to bother the cat and it may continue peeing on the bed as a secondary option.

Anyone that is saying “My cat peed on my bed while I was sleeping!” will know how inconvenient this can be.

Take the time to not only set up the pee pads in your house for cats but also make sure they are well-maintained throughout the year.

This is the only way to make your cat stop peeing on the bed all the time.

Tip #3 – Keep the Litter Box Clean

The litter box is another part of the cat’s life that needs to be well-maintained.

You can’t have a situation where the litter box is a stinking mess throughout the week. This is not only bad for your health, but it’s also going to putt off your cat.

In a lot of situations, the cat will start relieving itself in other parts of the house.

The litter box needs to be kept clean or it’s possible for the cat to start pooping around the house too!

You need to set up a schedule to clean the litter box.

This is the only way to keep your cat happy and relieving itself in the right part of the house. Otherwise, you could end up having to shout “My cat peed on my bed while I was sleeping!” all the time!

My cat peed on my bed while I was sleeping

Tip #4 – Manage Water Consumption

How much water is the cat consuming?

This is a good tip because you need to keep track of the cat’s hydration anyway. If the cat is drinking too much water, the issue may have to do with its kidneys.

Sometimes, a cat has too much urine in the body and that leads it to spray everywhere.

Related Questions

1. How Do You Keep Cat From Peeing On Bed?

The best way to stop a cat from peeing on the bed is to place treats on top. Cats naturally refuse to urinate in the same place they eat.

2. Why Is My Cat All Of A Sudden Peeing On Things?

Cats can suddenly start peeing on things due to an underlying health condition. This can include bladder infection, kidney disease, urinary tract infection, and/or diabetes.

3. Is Cat Pee Harmful To Humans?

Cat pee is harmful to humans. The ammonia in a cat’s urine can cause lung irritation. This includes burning in the nose, throat, and/or lungs.

4. Do Cats Spray When Happy?

Cats can spray when happy or sad. They display their emotions in different ways and this can include spraying.

Final Thoughts

My cat peed on my bed while I was sleeping!

If your cat is peeing on the bed, it’s time to take action. Whether it is setting up brand-new pee pads around teh house or maintaining the litter box, you need to take initiative!

This is the only way to ensure the pee pads are working as intended.

If not, you are going to realize this problem will persist for months to come. Always get on top of these issues before they start to bother you!

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