Tips For Leaving Cats Alone For 2 Weeks (And What to Buy!)

Thinking about leaving cats alone for 2 weeks?

Leaving cats alone for 2 weeks can seem like a daunting ask. It might seem impossible for cat owners that have never done this in the past and rightly so.

It’s best to have a little bit of fear as that will allow you to make a wise, well-organized decision before leaving the house.

There are several concerns that come along with leaving cats alone for 2 weeks and it’s best to understand all of them. There are specific issues that can arise when a cat is home alone, which means you have to prep for them well in advance.

These concerns can include:

  • Poor Feeding Schedule
  • Separation Anxiety
  • Poor Hydration

For those who are thinking about leaving cats alone for 2 weeks, you will want to start by understanding what’s going on and how your cat will adapt to the situation.

Remember, some cats are independent and won’t crave your attention whether you are at home or not. These are the best cats for being left alone for a while.

This guide is going to help highlight what to think about before leaving cats alone for 2 weeks at home.

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Tips To Leaving Cats Alone For 2 Weeks

Tip #1 – Set Up an Automatic Cat Feeder

The top priority has to be how you’re going to feed a cat when not at home.

If the cat is getting enough water and food throughout the 2 weeks, it’s going to be fine. This is why you have to start here and make sure there’s a sound plan in place to keep the cat well-fed.

The beauty of modern-day technology has to do with automation. You can automate feedings using a simple automatic cat feeder. Set this up at home and make sure there’s enough food inside. This will allow you to regulate feedings.

If necessary, you can get someone to do it for you and the feeder will take care of the rest.

The benefits include:

  • Regular Feedings
  • Easy to Control
  • Keeps the Cat Happy and Well-Fed

This is one of the best solutions available for cat owners that are going to be taking a long trip without their cat by their side.

While it’s always smart to leave them at someone’s house, you can focus on using an automatic cat feeder as long as someone is going to check up on the cat regularly.

leaving cats alone for 2 weeks

Tip #2 – Install a Pet Camera

How are you going to keep an eye on the cat and make sure it knows you are around?

There are several types of cats and some aren’t going to need this type of bonding. However, there are others that are often known as lap cats and they may seek your attention throughout the day. These are the cats that will need interactions through the pet camera.

Plus, the pet camera is also going to let you see what the cat is up to.

It’s easier to have peace of mind with a pet camera installed, especially when it allows you to speak to the cat from time to time.

Once you buy the pet camera, set it up in the most-visited area by your cat.

This will allow you to see how the cat is doing throughout the day whenever you feel like checking up on it. Plus, some of the new-age pet cameras allow you to give out a treat from time to time!

This is beneficial if you are looking to keep the cat happy during the two weeks.

Tip #3 – Leave Your Scent on a Blanket

With leaving cats alone for 2 weeks, you are going to wnat to think about the psychological aspect of this sepration.

The cat may not prefer being apart from you for this long, which means you have to find a way to soothe it.

The best option is to take a cat blanket and rub it against your body. This will leave a scent that is going to keep the cat happy during the period.

Leaving your scent on a blanket can go a long way in soothing the cat, especially during the night.

This is a solution that is commonly used when calming kittens down after separating from their mother.

When leaving cats alone for 2 weeks, you are going to have to try different things and this is one of them.

leaving cats alone for 2 weeks

Tip #4 – Let Someone Know

Of course, this is just as important as any other step in the process.

You cannot and shouldn’t leave your cat alone without having a supervisor in place. You need someone that knows how to handle cats and can make sure emergencies are taken care of. There are times when your cat is going to need human assistance and it’s essential to have a backup in place.

Let someone in the area know or someone that is close to you.

This is going to provide peace of mind, especially if you are not going to be in town during the two weeks.

Final Thoughts

What should you do if you’re leaving cats alone for 2 weeks?

There are many ways of approaching this, but it’s best to start with a simple strategy. You need to not only have a plan A but also a plan B in the form of a supervisor.

This is the only way it’s possible to make it happen without worrying about the cat not getting its food/water.

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