How To Stop Kitten Trying To Nurse On Spayed Cat

With a kitten trying to nurse on spayed cat, it can be challenging to stop the behavior.

The kitten is going to be persistent, naive, and won’t know what’s going on. This can lead to situations where the spayed cat does become frustrated, which leads to unwanted aggression towards the kitten.

This is why it’s important to learn how to stop a kitten trying to nurse on spayed cat.

The reasons include:

  • Increased Risk of Aggression
  • Wasted Energy
  • Psychological Concerns

The kitten wants to nurse, so it’s important to find a good way to make it happen. However, this doesn’t mean allowing the kitten to go after a spayed cat!

There are several layers to this process and the best approach requires patience.

This guide is going to help those dealing with a kitten trying to nurse on spayed cat at home. These tips will go a long way in keeping things as safe as possible.

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Tips On How to Stop Kitten Trying To Nurse On Spayed Cat

Tip #1 – Use a Milk Replacement

The best solution for a problem such as this is to use milk replacement solutions.

In general, the milk replacement formula will be easy to use and is going to keep the kitten well-fed. It is only when the kitten isn’t well-fed that it is going to start acting oddly such as trying to nurse on a spayed cat!

By taking this issue out of the equation, you are going to have a much easier time ensuring the kitten behaves.

The benefits include:

  • Keeps the Kitten Happy
  • Full of Nutrients
  • Easy for Feedings

When learning how to stop kitten trying to nurse on spayed cats, it’s all about focusing on the root cause. A lot of cat owners assume it’s all about splitting the cats, but that is just a short-term solution.

Yes, it will work and that is a good idea, but why not focus on the main issue instead?

This is why you should take the time to learn how to stop kitten trying to nurse on spayed cats. Once you use a milk replacement, the kitten won’t seek out the spayed cat for nursing purposes.

kitten trying to nurse on spayed cat

Tip #2 – Increase the Number of Feedings

One of the main concerns a cat owner will have has to do with whether or not the kitten has consumed enough milk.

This is why a sign such as this one will be as clear-cut as possible.

The kitten is asking for more milk and it’s your responsibility to make sure that happens. One of the best ways to do this is to simply increase the number of feedings throughout the day.

If the kitten isn’t getting enough milk, this is a good way of letting you know. It will simply try to nurse as it would with the mother around.

Some kittens will require more milk, which means it’s important to increase their feedings when this type of behavior occurs.

You should focus on increasing the feedings by one each day.

See what works and when the kitten stops. Eventually, the kitten is going to stop and that is when you know the right amount of feedings are being given to the kitten.

Until then, keep making adjustments to see how the kitten does.

Tip #3 – Separate Cats Before Feedings

When figuring out how to stop kitten trying to nurse on spayed cats, it’s always going to come down to separating them.

If you want a good, short-term solution this is the one to go with!

It’s always going to work because the kitten won’t be able to get to the cat. This is an easy way to make sure the spayed cat doesn’t have to deal with this issue on its own.

The kitten will not try to nurse when it has just been fed. This is why it’s best to separate them beforehand.

Of course, separating the cats doesn’t mean the problem is over!

You are still going to have to increase the number of feedings for your kitten. Otherwise, it is going to start having psychological battles that are difficult to deal with.

To make sure the kitten develops properly, it’s your responsibility to give them enough milk.

kitten trying to nurse on spayed cat

Tip #4 – Keep the Kitten Engaged

Are you taking the time to engage the kitten during the day?

This is an issue some cat owners have, especially if they are going to work or school.

The goal should be to spend at least 30-60 minutes with your cat during the day. They are independent animals, but you still have to think about them at a young age.

If you take the time to focus on stimulating them, they are not going to act out in odd ways such as a kitten trying to nurse on spayed cats!

Final Thoughts

With a kitten trying to nurse on spayed cats, you will need to come up with a viable solution immediately.

This is not a good situation to be in nor is it safe for the kitten.

The spayed cat may act out and that could lead to a serious injury! As a result, find a good milk replacement alternative and ensure your kitten is well-fed during a 24-hour cycle.

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