How To Keep Cats Off Balcony Railing (And What To Use!)

Is it time to learn how to keep cats off balcony railings?

The idea of having your cat climb onto a balcony railing is frightening. By the time you realize what’s happening, any sudden movement is going to send your cat hurtling down the other side!

It’s a nerve-wracking experience you have to be prepped for when cat-proofing your house. A lot of cat owners only think about what’s going on inside the house without realizing the balcony is just as much of a hazard!

A cat can end up on top of the balcony railing for a number of reasons.

The reasons can include:

  • Curious
  • Natural Hunting Instinct
  • General Excitement

This is why it’s important to learn how to keep cats off balcony railings right away.

You don’t need a situation where you realize this problem too late and the cat gets hurt. For those residing in apartments, this can be a fatal mistake for the cat.

This guide is going to showcase how to keep cats off balcony railings along with what we recommend you to use as a cat owner.

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Tips On How to Keep Cats Off Balcony Railing

Tip #1 – Set Up a Pet Gate

This is a simple addition to your house that isn’t going to take a long time to set up.

In essence, you are going to have the pet gate ready to go in front of the entrance to your balcony. This means the cat won’t be able to get into the balcony and as a result is going to remain safe!

The solution is one that is going to be well worth the investment and is going to provide peace of mind whenever you are away from home or in other parts of the property.

The benefits include:

  • Complete Protection
  • Peace of Mind
  • Quick Installation

Using a solution like this is one of the best things a cat owner can do.

The beauty of using a pet gate has to do with employing it in other scenarios. If you take the time to buy 2-3 pet gates, you are going to have complete control over where the cat goes inside the house.

This is critical since cats can be inquisitive creates.

By taking action and setting up a pet gate, you are going to maintain a handle on the situation. This is a game-changer for those who want to learn how to keep cats off balcony railings.

How To Keep Cats Off Balcony Railing

Tip #2 – Use a Cat Repellant Spray

Let’s assume your cat continues to remain curious and has a love for the balcony.

In situations such as these, you are going to want additional protection as a way to keep the cat away. This is when it’s time to use something as straightforward as a cat repellant spray.

The cat repellant spray is going to work on the cat’s sense of smell. It is going to let off a scent the cat doesn’t appreciate, which is going to make it want to run in the opposite direction!

Cats are sensitive to specific types of scents, so targeting them using a repellant spray can work wonders.

When learning how to keep cats off balcony railings, you have to find unique ways to work on repelling the cat away from the balcony.

Some solutions are going to be physical barriers such as a pet gate, but what about psychological barriers such as a bad odor?

The cat won’t want to go near the bad smell and that’s more than enough to keep the cat safe!

A change like this isn’t going to cost a lot and you are going to enjoy how effective it is. Plus, you can use the cat repellant spray in other parts of the house if you like.

Tip #3 – Place a Net on Top of Balcony Railing

If you don’t want to set up a pet gate or still want added protection, it might be time to look at a safety net. Yes, a real safety net that is going to be set up from the balcony railing to another part of the balcony (i.e. door frame).

This net is going to ensure the cat can’t jump onto the railing at all.

If you do set up the safety net, make sure it’s put up in a way where you can still use the balcony. This means it should be easy to take off whenever you are walking into the area.

A simple net can be attached to the railing as a way to keep the cat down on the ground rather than letting it climb up.

There are many high-quality nets that can be used for something like this.

Make sure the net is sturdy and installed the right way. Otherwise, your cat is going to dig right through and tear a hole in it!

How To Keep Cats Off Balcony Railing

Tip #4 – Remove All Cat Toys and Treats Away From Balcony

When learning how to keep cats off balcony railings, you are going to need to remove all attractions away from the area.

This means any type of cat toy is a major “no-no” and has to be kept away from the balcony.

Otherwise, your cat is going to be willing to rush into the balcony by any means necessary!

Final Thoughts

This is how to keep cats off balcony railings.

The process is going to be a challenging one and you are always going to be fearful. This is normal, but the goal is to invest in the right solution as soon as you can.

Something like a pet gate or a quality net is going to go a long way. If you take the time to spend money on a high-value solution, you are always going to have peace of mind.

This is key when figuring out how to keep cats off balcony railings.

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