Cat Attacks Me When I’m On My Period! (And How To Stop It!)

My cat attacks me when i’m on my period!

Cats may “attack” women when they’re on their period due to the unique scent. It can lead to a biological sense of curiosity that leads to all sorts of odd actions such as lunging at the person.

It’s important to note, a lot of cats will do this and some are going to act out through accidental aggression. While others are simply going to walk around you before moving onto something else.

The reasons can include:

  • General Intrigue
  • Responding to the Scent
  • Getting Used to the Change

This problem is often mentioned alongside new cats because they are still getting used to your presence. This includes your general scent.

If there is anything different when it comes to how you smell, they are going to notice. This is when you end up shouting, “My cat attacks me when I’m on my period!” in frustration.

To learn how to stop this type of behavior, it’s best to go through the tips listed in this guide. You are going to learn what it takes to stop a cat from attacking you in the middle of a menstrual cycle and what works best.

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Tips To Consider If Cat Attacks Me When I’m On My Period

Tip #1 – Change Pads Often

If you are saying, “My cat attacks me when I’m on my period!” then it’s time to act now.

The best solution is a simple one.

You can start changing your pads often as a way to dilute the scent. Your cat is going to have a great sense of smell and that’s normal, but you can reduce how much it smells by changing pads.

Since the pads are going to be freshly changed, the cat won’t get an opportunity to come after you. A lot of the issues that happen has to do with unchanged pads. Increase your frequency between changes to make sure things are under control.

The reasons include:

  • Keeps the Scent in Control
  • Reduces the Cat’s Attention on You
  • Easy Change to Implement

If you don’t wear pads, this may become a difficult situation to deal with.

However, if you do, it’s best to start here as it is a basic change anyone can make. When the cat is attacking you, this is a simple addition to your routine that is going to be better than separating yourself entirely from the pet.

cat attacks me when i'm on my period

Tip #2 – Occupy Cat with Automated Toy

What about using something to divert the aggressive cat’s attention?

A good way to do this is to use an automated toy. There are several automated cat toys to make sure your cat is having a good time and isn’t bothering you in the middle of a menstrual cycle.

There are a few good cat toys that fit the bill. For example, you can buy a cat toy that is going to shoot out a safe laser for your cat to chase around in the room.

Automated toys are a good way to keep your cat occupied when you are feeling down and/or on your period.

It is this type of toy that is going to allow you to rest without having to fret about your cat.

Each cat is different, but when there is aggression involved, you are going to have to tone things down. This is why automated cat toys work well at home.

They are easy to set up and the cat is going to be stimulated too!

Tip #3 – Try to Stimulate the Cat’s Senses

You will have to work on a way to reduce the blood’s scent.

This is going to be done by working on testing the cat’s senses using other smells. There are so many ways of doing this including setting out fruits that have a strong scent.

This will mask your smell and that is going to tone down the cat’s behavior towards you.

Stimulating a cat’s senses can be a good way to divert its attention from you when on your period.

Remember, most cats are just reacting to the scent more than anything else.

When it is different to yours even by a little bit, they are going to act out.

If you are saying, “My cat attacks me when I’m on my period!” this might be a good place to start.

cat attacks me when i'm on my period

Tip #4 – Don’t Respond in Aggression

Aggression is never a good response and it is the last thing you want to do on your period.

A lot of mistakes are made by cat owners during this time of the month, which means you have to remain calm and have a plan.

Aggression is going to hurt the cat and/or cause it to hide. This is not going to end in a day or two, which means having to face long-term consequences of your negative actions.

Be strategic and make sure you are focusing on the cat’s well-being too.

Final Thoughts

If you are saying “My cat attacks me when I’m on my period!” then it’s time to start with the tips listed above.

It is these tips that are going to make it easier to relax and recover. Otherwise, you are going to have to continue to fend off your curious and perhaps aggressive cat.

The solutions in this article are going to set things into motion to regulate the cat’s behavior.

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