How To Stop Cats Ripping Bin Bags? (And What Works Best!)

Want to know how to stop cats ripping bin bags?

It’s never a good sight to see your bin bags laying on the ground in tatters. Unfortunately, this is a common sight in homes that have not been cat-proofed for this specific occurrence.

You have to be proactive or the problem will spiral out of control. You are going to have to figure out how to stop cats ripping bin bags as soon as possible.

Before doing so, you should take the time to pinpoint what the root causes are of this type of behavior.

The reasons include:

  • Curiosity
  • Attraction to Specific Scents
  • Close Proximity

If you want to learn how to stop cats ripping bin bags, you have to create a customized strategy that is going to work both now and in the future.

Some cat owners will try short-term solutions that work for a bit before the cat finds a way around and digs in anyway!

This guide will demonstrate what’s required as you figure out how to stop cats ripping bin bags.

Best Cat-Proof Garbage Can (EDITOR’S CHOICE)

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Tips On How To Stop Cats Ripping Bin Bags

Tip #1 – Install a Cat-Proof Garbage Can

The easiest solution is to set up a cat-proof garbage can.

There are different variations sold on the open market including the one listed above. The idea of a cat-proof garbage can is to simply restrict your cat’s ability to claw at the bin bags.

If the outer shell is strong, the cat will never be able to get to the bags. With a cat-proof garbage can, the cat won’t be able to get inside from the top either!

The benefits include:

  • Complete Protection from Cats
  • Peace of Mind
  • Don’t Have to Move the Garbage Can Around

This is a solution that is going to be an immediate game-changer and will ensure your cat isn’t making a mess every time you leave the room.

Remember, most cats are going to be curious and will want to take a look.

If you don’t put a barrier in front of them, they may forgot for a while, but eventually they are going to come back and do quite a bit of damage!

Instead of letting this happen, learn how to stop cats ripping bin bags and make sure to set up a proper cat-proof garbage can at home.

How To Stop Cats Ripping Bin Bags

Tip #2 – Spray Cat Repellant Near Garbage Bags

You have to understand the power of scent when it comes to cats.

There are too many cat owners that will look to move the garbage can around but that’s not enough! You will need to power through and make sure to spray cat repellant on or near the bin bags.

This could be something as simple as bitter apple spray.

This is a powerful solution that is going to make it easier than ever before to keep the cat away from your garbage bags.

Cats often move towards bin bags due to the scent, so it’s best to play with this idea and use a cat repellant spray.

When you are doing this, make sure to start slowly and see how well it works.

In most cases, even a few sprays will do the trick and the cat is going to learn to stay away. Most cats are quick to behave and that is all it’s going to take to get the job done!

If not, you are always welcome to spray more because these sprays aren’t going to bother you too much.

Tip #3 – Change the Bags Often

How often are you changing the bags?

As you learn how to stop cats ripping bin bags, it’s also important to follow a proper routine. You can’t continue to fill the garbage bags to the top because they are going to become increasingly attractive to your cat.

The scent is going to be overwhelming and the cat will want to get to the bin bags right away!

This is why it’s best to change the bags every other day and follow this routine religiously. As long as you do this, it will become a lot easier to keep the messes away too.

Changing the bags is a great way to minimize the scent, which ensures the cat stays away for long periods.

Most cats are still going to keep an eye on the garbage bags, but won’t be as attracted until the scent is noticeable from across the house.

This happens when you fill up the bag more and more.

Don’t make this a habit because you are going to pay for it later on when the bin bags are torn by your cat.

How To Stop Cats Ripping Bin Bags

Tip #4 – Don’t Dump Food in the Garbage Can

This is a common mistake and it’s something the average cat owner does.

You are going to take a bit of the food that’s leftover on your plate and dump it into the bin. In some cases, you may even do the same with your cat’s leftovers!

As you can imagine, when the cat is hungry, it’s going to venture towards that scent just as easily as it would to the food bowl.

Don’t give it the chance to do this!

Final Thoughts

As you learn how to stop cats ripping bin bags, it’s going to come down to setting a routine.

Whether this includes changing the bin bags often or making sure you are not dumping food into the garbage can, it’s these little changes that matter.

Until then, you are always going to be a step behind your cat.

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